6 most harmful products that spoil your figure and health. You've been warned!

< 1. Trans fats

Trans fats - unsaturated fats derived synthetically from liquid vegetable oils. The method of hydrogenation liquid oils are converted into solid: margarines and spreads. This type of fat is harmful for our body, they are changing the metabolism at the cellular level, contributing to the accumulation of toxins.

As a result of the systematic use of trans fat in food is observed increase in risk of developing diabetes, decreased testosterone levels in men, the threat of atherosclerosis, obesity, cancer.

Products containing transfats margarine, soft vegetable mixture, spreads, mayonnaise, confectionery products (cookies, cakes, pastries), frozen foods, processed cheese, cottage cheese mass
With margarine, everything is clear, but did you know that butter fat 72, 5% and is not suitable for consumption. Natural butter is not only below 82, 5% fat.

< 2.Sinteticheskie sweeteners

The best-known artificial sweeteners - aspartame, saccharin, suklamat - extremely detrimental to health
So widespread aspartame at 30 ° C decomposes into formaldehyde , methanol and phenylalanine and cause insomnia, digestive disorders, headaches, heart palpitations. Saccharin - a carcinogen, triggers the appearance of tumors. Suklamat also very allergenic.

Carbonated soft drinks, candies, chewing gum and 'diet' sweets - source of harmful sweeteners. If you want to limit the intake of sugar, use honey as an alternative to, fructose, stevia.

< 3.Kolbasnye articles

On the dangers of sausage so much is written, but how they look and smell appetizing! The only pity is that all of these sausages, smoked and cooked sausages, pates shoplifting, ham - just a dummy
40% of the weight of these products make up the fat, skin and offal, and even bone meal, and the rest - Gel , which is a special unit in the interaction with offal turns into a piece of "meat". Amplifiers of taste, color enhancers, preservatives, liquid smoke (formaldehyde) will do the job - flavorful and juicy pork ready ...

Do not let the producers to cash in on your health, buy natural meat and cook with him healthy meals for your family, naprimerdomashnie sausages.

< 4.Korol taste - monosodium glutamate (E-621)

What to say here ... Monosodium glutamate is added in a large amount in chips, crackers, bouillon cubes, sausage, synthetic flavorings, which are harmless and so can not be called. To protect yourself, read carefully the information on the packaging and refrain from purchasing such goods.

< 5.Shokoladnye products and candy

In the domestic market real chocolate - a rarity. For the most part it is a composition of various substitutes, hydrofat, emulsifiers and coloring agents. When choosing chocolate, the hard stop. Ingredients natural chocolate cocoa butter (no palm, soybean or cotton in it should not be), cocoa beans, lecithin, sugar powder
The candy is now so much different essences that can not speak about the safety of dental enamel. Big sugar content does not add pluses sweets.

< 6.Polufabrikaty and fast food

If we count how many crab sticks produced and consumed in the world, it turns out that no crabs on the case is not enough.

Crab meat sticks, but there is minced fish, water, starch, vegetable oil and a range of thickeners, flavorings, flavor enhancers Eat it or not - it's your business, but many members of the cat's lads from this product ... refuse

Noodles and potato puree of rapid preparation - familiar to many foods. But think about whether you need a chemical attack on the body? Ravioli, meatballs, fish sticks, food from street stalls and will not add health to you.

Healthy eating can be delicious: do not let unscrupulous manufacturers to manipulate your desires and habits. Live healthy!

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