Four trends that will change the view of the professional activities in the next five years

In a sense, who retired in 2015 was a year of transition economy, where the number and diversity of professions frilansovyh not only significantly increased, but also become to attract much more attention on the part of society as a whole.
But this is only one obvious trend among many others, which threaten to radically change the understanding of "work" within the next five years. In fact, according to experts, the development of technology, communication capabilities and expectations of both workers and employers soon transformed beyond recognition and freelance, and the economy as a whole.

Here are four of the most significant changes for which we have to observe:

< The rise of "secondary cities»

The twentieth century in a global sense, was the century of boom large, cosmopolitan cities. In search of a good job or opportunity to reveal his talent people rushed to San Francisco, New York, London, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Paris ... If you want to make a spectacular career or to get rich, then relocation alternative in the metropolis was virtually no.

This situation is changing. Opportunities urban centers are almost exhausted. The cost of living in the big cities is growing faster than income citizens. In Los Angeles, for example, the rental price increases twice faster than inflation, with the result that the purchasing power of people has fallen markedly. Approximately the same situation is observed in other cities of the world.

Therefore, there is a tendency in the past 10 years, when the most rapidly developing are "secondary cities" where much cheaper to live and do business.

Meanwhile, thanks to new technologies becomes possible to access the good work virtually anywhere. These online tools like Dropbox, Google Hangouts or Skype make it possible to maintain constant contact with the employer and customers, while virtually anywhere in the world.

Naturally, all of the above is especially true in relation to freelancers. In a recent sociological research 30 percent of respondents admitted to freelancers that could change their place of residence due to the flexibility that gives their work.

Requirements for companies to their employees, too, are becoming more flexible. Moreover, those firms that adhere to rigid working hours, are increasingly at risk of losing talented people in recent years. A recent study showed that about 70 percent of workers have decided to change jobs if the new place they were offered a more flexible schedule.

< More nano-nano-majors and occupations

A variety of activities - these are the building blocks of complex society is built. Thanks to technological progress in the 21st century, these blocks become even smaller and the number of specializations is growing exponentially. In technical fields such as software development, computer security, hardware development, product design management, etc. are required skills that one person overpower just not realistic.

At the same time, demand for specialists are changing so rapidly that a freelancer should be ready, if necessary, change the master specialization or adjacent. That is, in the near future, the expert will have to be trained and retrained for life. The most advanced are already moving in the cyclical existence: study, work, study, work ...

Learning online Udacity company offers its customers receive "nanoprofessii". After the training, they are held to "nanoworks" with a very narrow specialization, where gain experience a year or two, and then continue their education and enhance their professional capabilities and skills.

That is, in the near future, companies will have to adapt to a situation where a significant portion of their employees will not sit in the office, so to speak "from nine to five." A professional will have to adapt to the fact that the company will not need for their services on a permanent basis.

< People will become more choosy when looking for a job

Jobseekers people will be more picky in choosing companies for employment. They will pay more attention not only on wages but also on such details as the coincidence of various kinds of values, the ability to maintain a comfortable lifestyle and career prospects.

< Army business will rapidly expand

In recent years, rapidly growing number of people who decide to become entrepreneurs without having in mind a clear picture of what they want to do or what product to produce. As a rule, these people do not start your own startup, limited independent work as freelancers or teaming with other similar freelancers.

Maybe these people is difficult to be regarded as entrepreneurs in the truest sense of the word, however, as the army of freelancers is growing, their activity is increasingly merges with the enterprise.

Many freelancers start with the fact that freelancers work part time for a few more hours, increasing thus their income. After a while they left most of the work and dedicate own business for 30-40 hours per week. And then they have a two ways to increase income: 1) improving their own skills, which allows you to borrow more money for the work, or 2) the involvement of other freelancers, team building, which will be tough for a large-scale problem.

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