The winners of the photo contest «Sony World Photography Awards 2013"

Yesterday we announced the winners of one of the most famous photography contest «Sony World Photography Awards 2013". We offer you to get acquainted with the best works. 122,000 photographs from 170 countries - this is the grand total of the competition.

We already showed you some work previously declared winners. Today, the final results.

Photographer of the Year named Norwegian Gyestvang Andrea (Andrea Gjestvang) with a portrait of a girl who was a victim of the most tragic shooting Breivik.

Its same picture won the professional category "People". Andrea made a series of images based on the tragedy, which he called "One Day in History».

The winner in the professional category "Sport". Adam Pretty (Adam Pretty) and his "Olympic journey in 2012».

Winner in the category "Professional portrait". Jens Juul (Jens Juul) - «Six Degrees of Copenhagen».

Ilya Pitalev won the professional category "Actual: the individual and society", with his project "The reality vs. illusion."

"Portrait of the Matterhorn" became the winner in the professional category of "Landscape." Author was Nenad Salich (Nenad Saljic).

Myriam Meloni (Myriam Meloni) was the winner in the professional category "Culture and Art" photo "Limousine».

Christian Aslund (Christian Aslund) - the author of this unusual picture, winning in the professional category "Campaign." Picture taken to advertise sneakers.

The winner of the professional category of "Problems of our time." "Prisoners in South America," Valerio Bispuri (Valerio Bispuri).

The winner of the professional category of "Beauty and fashion." Klaus Thiemann (Klaus Thymann).

The winner of the category of "lifestyle". "Summer Family" Ellis Caputo (Alice Caputo).

Photographer of the year among the students recognized Natalia Wernick.

The winner of the professional category "Travel". Ghali Tribbon (Gali Tibbon).

Finally, the discovery of the year - Hep Hong Nguyen (Hoang Hiep Nguyen).

See you in the new contests!


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