Clergy about what you should spend time.

A wise man took an empty jar and filled it up to the top with small stones. He gathered his disciples and asked them the first question: "Tell me, dear, if my pitcher full?" To which they replied, "Yes, full." Then the sage took full jar of peas and emptied the contents into the jar with stones. Peas took the free space between the stones. Sage asked a second question: "Full of whether now my pitcher?" Students reaffirmed that full. Here the sage picked up a box of sand and poured it into the jar, too. Sand slipped through the peas and stones and took all the space and all closed. Once again his disciples asked the wise man, whether the pitcher is full and again heard the affirmative. Then the wise man pulled a mug full of water and poured it into the jar until the last drop. Students laughed, seeing all this.

Said the sage: "I want you to realize that the pitcher - this is our life. Stone - the most important component of the life of everyone: children, family, friends, health. Peas - these are things that are nice to have, but it is not the most important thing: home, work, car, values ​​and so on. The sand symbolizes the little things, which fully in the life of any person.

If the first pitcher filled with sand, there will be room for peas and the more stones. So it is in life: if you spend time on trifles, there will be time for the most important ...


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