Psycho. How to be healthy.

Initially easily reset the load of disease, and eventually lose it much more difficult. So do not hesitate to "distant Monday" what needs to be done for their own health today.

As with the help of some psycho can help yourself from the pain?
No matter that it hurts, the pain - it is a signal of our body that he had something wrong. Unfortunately, not always pathological process is accompanied by a painful effect. We all know that some very serious diseases occur painlessly until any serious steps. However, in all cases, if there is pain, it is always a signal: Pay attention to this place, on this body, on this system.
Our attention - is the essence of both our energy. In the East, where there is the most ancient, proven many thousands of years and has proven its effectiveness culture of attention to the body, mind and the whole body, saying, where attention - and there is prana.

Prana - is energy. All energy, or how to speak the language of modern, energy-processes take place there, where our attention is directed. Accordingly, attention is possible and be treated as violations related to the lack of energy - it is primarily a degenerative process: anemia, malnutrition fabrics and so on. D., And processes associated with giperenergetikoy, that is inflammation, which is characterized by increasing temperature, pressure, fullness sensation. Thus, treated with attention through various psycho can be any painful symptoms.

How to accomplish this technically?

To do this, the most suitable position relaxation.
Primarily comfortable sit and relax if you are in a sitting position most comfortable. You can, on the contrary, stand up and relax a little shake hands shaking so muscle tone; slightly tilt the head back, catching the stable-unstable equilibrium position of the light. Listen to the internal processes in the body, feel your entire body as well as your thoughts related to motor function.
Maybe you involuntarily rise up arms or starts shaking his head or body will begin to make a circular motion or rocking from side to side - through the involuntary processes of the body affects the inner freedom. Devoted himself to this inner sense of movement: it can be and wiggle her hips, shoulders, maybe even splash out some internal unbearably-compulsive motive - he splashed a little help, give him the opportunity to pour out, bringing the process to the maximum.

This is a state where we are not controlled by the body, and the body itself dictates what he wants?
Exactly. Only the body knows better than all the doctors and the entire medical world together, he really should. Our bodies are better aware of this than any medical reference book. The body is usually in some way tells us what he needs, but we tend to not pay attention to these tips. It is, on the contrary, to enable the body to throw out those movements, melodies that he wants. If your body starts to deviate in any one direction - let him do it.
Remove, remove clips of your body - and you will see the result.

So, help your body, your body to find the clip (often - major), who all his life brings you nothing but problems. Once you find it, and at the same time will practice movements, the rhythm of the way of its removal - you will immediately become easier. Trust your body completely, his involuntary movements: your body knows how to help him.
The Bible says that God is within you. That is, each of us is - a piece of God; this God, and you pull this, and God will save you. I must say that prayer itself against the background of such a state of simultaneous relaxation and concentration, when the whole body it helps immeasurably more effective than the state, relatively speaking, sitting on a bed of nails, when you can not intently pray because your concentration - not on prayer, and that hurts you, it hurts.

But to return directly to the health of the body as soon as you grope your clip and "spill" it, you will feel that after this comes the deep relaxation, not achievable in any other way.
Mentally should represent not what your illness is held, and that it has already passed - and you are healthy, and that you are already successful, and it is the way you want it in an ideal.

What should I do after a clip is found and removed?
This is followed by relaxation, during which visualize how your problem is gone. Imagine yourself without this problem. However, always articulate an ideal condition and presents itself is in perfect condition, your problem does not go away (it can go a century!), And it was gone, it is no longer easy.

You say to yourself: "I do not have pain. I feel good. My movements are easy, they are gentle and calm. I did not cause labor to do such and such actions ».
What actions - that's you, of course, themselves determine, on the basis of their own problems. In other words, close your eyes and imagine yourself healthy, beautiful, bright, young, beautiful, fast, energetic - the way you want to be.
Compared with absolutely all the methods of treatment, psychological method incomparably cheaper and much more effective - no side effects from the drugs and free from drug addiction. It is also important that you treat yourself, according to the requirements of its own body, which is better than all aware that it is necessary for health.

How long is a treatment session?
Not more than 10-15 minutes. If you fall asleep after the session, it's too bad. Well implemented and before going to bed, but it is necessary to calculate that at least 10 minutes to work and mentally awake. You can work out at lunchtime to those who are at work.

How often should conduct a psychological training?
Initially, once a day, and then - once a day, then - if necessary. Like any skill acquisition, for a beginner is the process more time-consuming, even in the case of this method, especially to talk about its complexity is not necessary. It must be said that any practice of its constant use lose the sharpness of the first joy of what you get, but to replace this sense of power comes stability.
And further. To vividly imagine yourself healthy and successful, you first need to understand such an important thing as the perfect end result is particularly important because we are not the result of the process. Therefore, it should not be to visualize what your illness is held, and that it has already passed - and you are healthy, and that you are already successful, and it is the way you want it in an ideal. For example, a student that are difficult mathematics, imagines that he can solve the problems that it solves their first in the class and that solving problems gives him pleasure.

If you suffer from cardiovascular disease, the mind, imagine that you have a healthy heart, and do not dwell on his health, and colorful, imagine a situation where due to a healthy heart, you can happily work, for example in the country. After all, when the heart is working properly, we do not notice it - we see this only on labor and sporting feats. So vividly imagine the consequences of the fact that your heart healthy: you ride a bike on forest roads, "uprooted" in the garden or cut radishes lush peony.
Hypertension you mentally tell yourself that your blood pressure is normal, and you can easily travel long distances on foot, walking in the shade of deciduous forest. However, if your blood pressure is associated with kidney disease, do not forget to mentally say to yourself, and that your kidneys are working well, consistently. That is, knowing their capabilities and interests, gradually expand the area of ​​mental effects. Following that is sure to come, and physical effects.

However, it should be understood that this is not the run is done. Correctly, correctly to make their wishes - it also requires considerable thought. Nobody reads a book on the run, but for some reason many people mistakenly believe that doing relaxation, psycho-development and thinking through your goals in life as well as the causes of diseases can be available at a fast pace, casually. This is not true. It is necessary to weigh all my life, or at least her last 10-20 years, to analyze what are the problems and what these problems are. Then we can determine what actually you are missing and why. Of course, not everything is always possible, often to solve some problems already lost, but to understand the basic, formulate ideal results - you want to have as a result, ideally, not any intermediate. It is always possible and necessary to do.

If you are able to relax to see how to get better and better the figure, it has really improved. And there is nothing wrong, that tomorrow the figure will be slightly better than it is today - the main thing that would not be impaired. But better to have a clear, bright-colored representation of himself with a perfect figure.

There are certain important nuance: very well accompany an ideal final result with some foreign parts, for example, to see themselves in a ball gown. Such specifics plays a big role in our lives and in our mental representation of the relaxation time.
Success, too, everyone sees in his own way. Imagine yourself in the car of the brand, you want to have an ideal. In parallel, the same machine will let such details that will help you attain success more likely. For example, maybe you're sitting in his car with some interesting people who are right for you an example of success and prosperity.

Similarly, health. More effective would work relaxation, if you represent, for example, is not just that you have healthy joints, you feel lightness in the body, the weightlessness of the body, and yet submitted and well tolerated heavy rucksack on his back and then as you climb with the backpack on a mountain trail.
Remember that this is a self-representation. Everyone knows what he most wants, and can safely submit it in his imagination. Since it does not need to shout in the street, it can be the most intimate of happiness, joy, health and success. If something interferes with your health, imagine that, ideally, this interfering factor does not exist. For example, if laziness prevents you to do physical training, imagine that you have no no laziness, you unusually energetic person.

"Feed" of all the health and happiness is not possible, you can also tell us how to make a rod. Psycho - these are the "rod" that allow each person to catch "fish health," and perhaps even "bird of happiness." In other words, they allow you to "saturate" the life of health and success - in fact everything, because the mind controls everything. However, I stress that everyone who wants to use psychotechniques need to invest in this particular bit: you need to think about their lives, to analyze it. This mite is not always reflected in the cost of money, but it is always expressed in that time, in the attention to the problem to be solved. If a person does not pay a measure of energy, attention, knowledge, the problem will not be solved in any other circumstances. Therefore, do not give a person valuable fish, namely bait (in our case - psychotechnics) - because in fact, each of us is master of his life and his destiny.


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