The boy was born without arms, but that did not prevent him to create stunning paintings

Mariusz Kedzersky (Mariusz Kedzierski) was born without both hands, but it did not prevent him to fulfill his dream of becoming an artist. Looking at his incredibly realistic work hard to believe that they have drawn people with disabilities.

We are in the is infinitely inspiring stories of people who, despite the difficulties of finding the way to his dream.

«For me, the limited capacity do not mean that I can not live a full life and to forget about their desires," - says Mariusz. h3>

Mostly the artist paints realistic portraits of people. h3>

«Art as a way of life, accompanies me for the past 7 years. During this time, I painted more than 700 paintings and spent on it about 15 000 hours ». H3>

Self Mariusz, 2011. h3>

«I recently toured Europe. I drew on the streets of Berlin, Amsterdam, London, Paris, Barcelona and many others. With this project I want to inspire people around them and prove to them that all boundaries - only in our heads ». H3>

According to the materials: boredpanda

Source image: Mariusz Kędzierski



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