In the evening knock on the door and said that in the apartment below us all died

Yesterday, January 27, in an apartment in a five-story house on the street Dnipro Borisov had found the bodies of older men and women. Indoor present persistent smell of gas. Later, it was found four bodies in the apartment downstairs. Among the dead are two minors 10 and 17 years old. Six people simply fell asleep and did not wake up.

Around the house â„–6 deserted on the Dnieper. The tenants are in no hurry to go out. Just outside the entrance are first checked by the police and that no outsiders entered the house - they say, an apartment in which there was an emergency, sealed, and while this is all the information they can tell.

The apartment windows on the ground floor open. The apartment on the third floor were found the bodies of two pensioners, one floor below the dead found the whole family. On the fourth floor of the couple living with the child. Anastasia, the mother of a young child, said that a slight smell of gas was heard in the evening of January 26, but the family did not attach importance and quietly went to bed.

- In the evening, the smell was so like bleach stank. At 6:30 am on January 27, we got up, my husband left for work. In the morning it was impossible to go to the bathroom and toilet - smelled gas. The smell was specifically on drawing.

I'm beginning to sound the alarm. I was very bad, I did not hear anything, I troilos eyes. This state has never in my life did not have nothing to do with any illness. It was unknown to my body condition. I knew that I was home alone with the baby, and anything can happen.

The first time I called gasman at 7:00 am, they arrived at 7:45 am, they said that there is no cause for concern. Was measured by a gas analyzer, said - small doses. Leave. The second time gasman came at 8:45 - and again nothing. They said you want us to you now the kitchen raskolupali? A kitchen with us dear.

ZhESa joining the staff, they said, yes, it stinks gas, but we can not help - perhaps this household chemicals. I called the sanitation center, where I generally say, write a written request, and in general, we do not do. I tell them, you realize that we can poison a child to die? Suddenly there is some poison downstairs started up, something poisoned.

Before lunch, I called in hysterics and everyone who can say, "Save us, I do not know where to go!" We were saved by the fact that the apartment is constantly ventilated. I several times took away an ambulance after ambulance I apartment a few hours of sleep. She slept from 16 to 19, but I did not become better. By the way, better than was the only one in the morning. 21:30 us knock on the door and told us that under the apartments all have died. They died in the apartments on the second and third floor. The first floor is also sealed, but what's going on, we do not know.

The couple say that the evening had been raised to the ears of the city, near the house worked all services: ambulance, police, emergency, gas service, the Investigative Committee. The couple spent the night away from home. In the morning they went to his apartment only to change clothes and check the situation - because of the wide open windows smell is not particularly heard, but about whether the source of the leak eliminated and that in general there was no one they were not reported. Neighbours as one said that problems with gas in the home has never been.

"My mother and father were watching television, the daughter sat at the computer and found the boy in the bathroom»

It turns out that during the day, while Anastasia tried to draw the attention of the services that the smell of gas is already unable to move normally, the apartments beneath people died? According to neighbors, the problem seriously responsible for the specialists engaged in too late.

A resident of the house pensioner Zinaida says:

- The police arrived, began to call the apartments. The apartment where the family lived, did not respond. They broke open the door. They say they were found in a position where they were unsuspectingly. My mother and father were watching television, the daughter sat at the computer and found the boy in the bathroom. They say the boy lit a column to go to the bathroom, and the column is not lit up. And there it was, I do not know. And the dog have died. Older people say lay day ... No problem with the gas in the house did not exist before. Gasman I do not blame them. They always check well - and from the street and from inside the column is checked.


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