TOP - 10 useful and natural products, the entire day was cheerfully, and you are full of energy!

• 1. Start the day with fresh sprouts thoughts! Sprouts - is superpoleznaya food with strong stimulant effect. Add 1-2 h. Liter. in cereal, smoothies, fruit and vegetable salads, mashed potatoes, mix with cream cheese and yogurt. And do not eat the seedlings before bed, can not sleep :)

• 2. Of course, the morning is never enough time, quick and nutritious breakfast - an option for those who are tired of the morning porridge :) Chocolate pads with milk or yogurt and muesli with chocolate and a child before school fit, they are tasty and safe, do not contain gluten and eggs.

• 3. Do you coffee or guarana? Guarana inhales a powerful charge of vitality - feel like waking up the power of super-hero :) Compared to coffee, the effect is softer and more durable. For endurance, excellent memory and tenacious mind.

• 4. We are ready to load, Peruvian Maca helps to cope with them. Known as the "Peruvian ginseng", a natural adaptogen, cope with stress, fatigue and increases libido!

• 5. Do not forget the cocoa beans - for the tone and mood. Recipes with cocoa beans a weight: a range of drinks, desserts, candy, ice cream, and just have a pure delicious! By the way, grab them on the road - a convenient snack to energize the wheel.

• 6. Take an assistant warming drinks: a break in the workplace cup YogiTea. Tea "Ginger and Lemon" warm and improve mood, refresh the mind and inspire courage. By the way, licorice, part of - the best assistant sore throat! A tea "Green with guarana" tones and improves concentration.
• 7. For tea we especially loved the coconut sugar. Use the 1: 1 instead of the usual sugar, add more in pastries, cereals, desserts - get a very fragrant! Taste overshadows even the obvious utility, and the glycemic index is lower than that of cane sugar or honey.

• 8. In winter gryzёm nuts! Walnuts and almonds - a real treasure for the brain and blood vessels, be sure to include them in the diet.

• 9. Natural coconut water «FOCO» - just coconut :) Well replenishes dehydrated and fatigue. And she removes toxins and very tasty, even without sugar. And if someone suddenly night cramps - also suggest helps.

• 10. Rzhitsya rye, oats ovsitsya, lentils Lentils Chechev :) nutritious and easy at the same time, it has a lot of protein, B vitamins, fiber and folic acid. Good digestion, slim figure and good mood guaranteed!


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