"To act, even a little '

Belief in yourself, in your strength comes to us from outside. It is born a little every time we need something fails.

Munchausen could not he pull himself out of the swamp. But, fortunately, the laws of psychology are different from the laws of physics. We can move forward even where we do not have an external point of support. Life is usually impossible to change one jerk, but the only way to get there, where you want to get there - every day to do a small step in this direction.

We think that we know ourselves, but in fact we find ourselves, our strength only to the extent that, as the act.

Coward Bilbo goes on a journey, not because he dared. But it opens up the courage, getting into a situation where it is needed. He becomes brave when he has no other choice.

Only life makes us who we are, if every day we briefly put aside their fear and despair and trying to do what we believe properly.

Man, Hegel wrote, "can not know what is it, is it of acting not actualized itself in reality ... Therefore, it must begin immediately, and in any case should proceed to activity without thinking about the beginning, the means and the end».

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