7 ways to develop the habit of acting

1. Do not wait for ideal conditions

If you wait until conditions become ideal, you probably never will begin to act. There will always be something that will bother you. Or an appointment time is not something any market fell, or too much competition. In the real world there is no perfect time to start a business. You must begin to act and solve problems. The best time was last year. Second chance - right now.

2. Be a man of action

Train in performing operations and not razdumyvanie them. Want to start to play sports? You need to put in place the Chief? Do it today. The longer is the idea you have in mind, the weaker it becomes. A few days later the details begin to blur. A week later you forget your thought. Becoming a man of action, you will be able to do more and to stimulate new ideas.

3. Remember that ideas alone do not bring success

Ideas are important, but they acquire value only when they are implemented. One implemented idea is worth a dozen brilliant ideas that are just waiting in the wings. If you have an idea that you really believe in, do something. Until you get to the cause - not going anywhere.

4. Use action to ward off fear

Have you noticed that the most difficult part of his speech to the people - waiting for your turn? Even professional speakers and actors feel the excitement before the show. As soon as they start talking, excitement disappears. Action - the best way to ward off fear. The hardest thing to act for the first time. As a start, you gain confidence, and it becomes easier and easier. Eliminate fear by taking action, and build on the success of confidence.

5. Automatically start your creativity mechanism

One of the worst misconceptions regarding the creative process - work is obtained when there is inspiration. If you wait until inspiration does not fall on your head, you'll be working very rarely and at long intervals. Instead of waiting, the mechanism automatically start your creativity. If you need to write something, sit down and write! Grasp the handle. Present the all you can. Simply by performing the familiar motion, you send your brain in the right direction.

6. Live in the present

Focus on what you can do at the moment. Do not worry about that, that you should have done a week ago, or what you will do tomorrow. The only time that you can change - now. Will be a lot to think about yesterday and tomorrow - will not get anywhere.

7. Immediately get to work

Usually people like to talk, small talk is included even in the practice of business meetings. The same happens with those who work alone. How often do you check your mailbox and RSS-reader, before taking up the serious work? These distractions will cost you dearly if you do not learn how to avoid them and get to work immediately. Becoming those who immediately goes to work, you will find a new source of productivity, and other people will see you as a leader.

Need to be very organized person to take up the case on their own, without a command from above. Perhaps this is why the initiative - it is a property, which are so eager to get the managers in all companies. Do not miss the initiative. When you come to a good idea, start to implement it without a decree from above. When people see how serious you are about the activities they will mark you. Those who sit at the top, no one says you have to do. If you want to join them, begin to act independently.


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