Great marketing stories

1. The owner of a popular restaurant chain in the United States was spending very little money on marketing. Despite this, in his restaurants always had a lot of customers. How is it managed? Every time he opened his new restaurant, he organized it a grand reception for invited all hairdressers city. They had fun and ate a delicious due to the owner, and the next day in a good mood to work out.

And as a hairdresser? Exactly! Every day they communicate with customers. And in a few weeks with pleasure disseminate information about the wonderful restaurant where you can have a good evening.

2. The owner of stores selling men's suits, wanted to boost sales. He ordered a thousand different coins, which resembled a coin of a certain state. These coins were coated with platinum, gold and silver, and distributed to each store. Sold as packaged costume quietly put one of these coins in the pocket of his jacket.

It was assumed that the buyer later discovers this expensive-looking coin will show it to their relatives, friends, colleagues and, of course, mention the shop where he made the purchase. However, sales for the 1st month is not appreciably changed. However, as early as next month, sales grew 3, 5 times!


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