6 stretching exercises for those who are sitting a lot

Those who by the will of fate leads a sedentary lifestyle, certainly know the feeling of "rigidity" of the whole body. Get rid of it, to feel a surge of strength and improve the quality of rest is much easier than it sounds.

Website offers you 6 simple and effective stretching exercises that are easy to help get rid of the discomfort in the muscles. Reminder: to avoid injury, you must do the exercises after preheating.

№ 1. Stretching the hamstrings h3>

Feet shoulder width apart, hands behind his back and laid linked to the castle.

Make a downward slope, without bending his knees, and his hands as much as possible retraction.

to relax the neck, back and legs, is retained in this position for 30 seconds. Then slowly return to starting position.

This stretch is not only useful for the hamstrings, but also help effectively to relax the shoulder.

№ 2. «Scissors» h3>

Stand up straight with your feet together.

Make a small lunge forward with your right leg and leans toward her, trying to keep the legs and back straight.

is delayed by 30 seconds and slowly return to the starting position and repeat the exercise with the other leg.

№ 3. Stretching standing h3>

If the previous stretching has not brought the desired effect, try the following exercise.

Put one heel on the platform (bench, chair, etc. must be below the level of your hips).

We start to reach for the raised leg, trying as hard as possible to cuddle his stomach to his thigh, and breast - to the knee.

Hold this position for 30 seconds and change leg.

№ 4. Stretching hurdler h3>

We sit on the floor and pull your left leg in front of him.

right leg bent at the knee and the foot rest against the inside of the thigh of the left leg.

Slowly bend forward to the left leg, trying to keep your back straight.

is delayed by 30 seconds and change legs.

№ 5. Lean forward h3>

We sit on the floor, straighten the legs in front of you and keep them together.

to lean forward, not afraid to round the back, but keeping your legs straight.

to linger in this position for 30 seconds and gradually rise.

№ 6. Stretching lying h3>

Lie on your back. The right leg is straight, the left raised up as much as possible.

It is important that the head, torso and pelvis at the same time adhere properly to the floor and never left him.

Keep right leg raised, palms covers the inside of the knee and gently pull to themselves as possible.

to linger in this position for 30 seconds, then does the same with the right foot.

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