Dream as a woman, act like a man!

ASTROPROGNOZ in January are particularly relevant. And it estestvenno.Ved all of us at the beginning of the year experience the magic feeling of belonging to the birth. The birth of the New Year. New round of our lives. New desires, dreams, plans, hopes, and children's belief that now, from that moment everything starts to change, and, of course, for the better.

So, right now, in January, looking at the astrological chart of the month, I decided to move away from the traditional form of ASTROPROGNOZ detail and detailing the main trends of the month. Because, fascinated by the details and trying to take into account all the details, you will be very easy to forget about the main thing! And miss the magic moment of birth.

I will not reveal to you anything new when I say that for the birth, for example, a child, be sure it takes two. Man and woman. And only at the time of the merger there is the possibility of a miracle. The miracle of birth. And from that moment, and it begins life as a path.

And now I want to ask you about a day in January, you're thinking? If you are a deeply religious man, surely you are now there was a lot of analogies. If you belong to a different religion or do not belong to any of the traditional religions, then I am sure that the magical spirit of Christmas still fascinates you and you feel like miracles literally flit around you.

How to approach them? How to capture the magic? How to make it a magical time there was no time, missed opportunities, leaving a feeling of disappointment and disbelief in themselves and the world?

To do this, simply open the astrological chart of January and see what we are advised stars. And advised not all in a row, namely, us women!

In January there was a map amazing picture, which determines the main thing for us days of this month.

First - it is now January 6th Mercury goes retrograde and 6 to January 8, make a small loop return of Aquarius. A January 9, enters Capricorn .. And I'm a little surprised that appeared in the last few articles about Mercury retrograde so little is said about the peculiarities of this particular moment.

Let's see what is the specific process is started these days, and most importantly, what you do with it. Not in general, but specifically with your life right now.

So Mercury retrograde gives you exactly three days from 6 to 8 January, not just to reconsider their dreams and desires for the future, but also to approach them with an unusual, unusual point of view to you.

I'm sure you've already done a lot to develop their feminine qualities. And you are beautiful, feminine, we have lovingly prepared the space and are ready to take all the gifts in the world. And that's fine! But ... .pochemu a lot of things are not going the way you dreamed of. Should upset you in the pursuit of femininity you probably forgotten a little bit about what is within you, except tender and the host lady lives jovial, brutal, persistent and boldly taking on what he needs to man. Denmark, yes, this is it, your Animus, your inner man, which is a little bored and lazy at the time, while you are taking scented baths, trying on new clothes and baked pies. And if you really want to get your dream fulfilled, it's time to cheer him to become a worthy partner for your beautiful and waiting for a miracle inside of the woman and the cargo stopped hanging around her neck, languidly repeating the "very-very expensive".

And during Mercury retrograde in Aquarius is the best time to do so.

But you know that men, even the domestic need subtly and unobtrusively to prepare for the feat. Therefore, in these three days let him know about your dreams and desires of women. But do not sprayed, and focus on those that the world is ready to hear from you right now.

In January, the stars will be favorable to you, if your desires are:

-Do you want to meet her man. Not for light flirt or a month-long romance. And the one in ancient times was called "narrowing", ie your soul mate, you intended destiny.

-You want to give a powerful impetus to man for man, who is now next to you - husband, son, beloved brother. Give a man the power to ensure that he could bring your desire!

-Do you want to have your dream realized. To you have any power, resources, and a real possibility of its realization.

What this list exactly what you want? You can choose one wish, and you can afford to choose all at once. Spend time with about 6 January 8 their dreams. But before that, be sure to get your special hint.

Do what you have decided in the morning to 9 January in his feminine manner, with love and acceptance. All three days indulge in fantasies of unbridled desire of your choice. You can celebrate it with friends, or dream about it, enjoying the fragrant coffee with cake. Let your inner man watching the way you enjoy. And let him have a desire to make your dreams a reality!

And he will do it if you give him a chance to show what he can do. But for this you have to just put it out the door! And to do that you need it January 24. Not before. No later. Tk this day Venus, planet of our favorite female enters the cardinal earth and very masculine sign of Capricorn. And this is the best moment to enter into contact with the male energy within you. Suppose that, starting from this day, it was he, your inner man helps you always!

And it was January 24 you need to push it. Where and how? Of course the men's places of power.

In no case do not stay in the house that day, in the privacy and comfort. So your inner man spilled more. And your dreams will remain dreams.

So, it is January 24 you need:

-vyehat the nature of the place of male power. This can be a mound, mountain, hill, rock, high stone tower. All that is obvious phallic symbolism and masculine energy. It is in these places and there were old men's initiation. It is time for you to visit them.

 - Go up to the top of the spiral. Sorazmerte the rhythm of their steps so that you have time to say four times his desire before will be on top of

-on top of the stand facing the sun and repeat 12 times the phrase, referring to the man within himself, "You're free. My woman is ready to meet you with the victory. Now go and get me what I need! "

-You need to stay in a place of male power at least an hour

I understand that you can have plenty of excuses to stay home - tired, winter, cold, uncomfortable. Of course, you can do so, but then do not be surprised that real men around you will be sluggish and fearful sissy. Such is attracted to like. And, if you are not ready when you need to make an effort to substitute the face of the cold wind and feel the joy of victory and pride for myself, and the world will not bother to help you realize your goals. All logical and interconnected.

Just as your inner man and your inner woman linked forever. And each of them has its own task. And if they both cheerful, beautiful and passionate, in their own manner, their alliance will give birth to the most perfect embodiment of everything that you want.


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