Signs birthday.

Beliefs and superstitions related to the birthday, come to us from ancient times. In ancient times, people attached great importance to the fact at what point a person was born, because they believed that from the hour of birth, day, and year depends on the rest of his fate. There was a belief that following certain rules in the birthday party will determine a happy year for the birthday of ... ancestors to protect the newborn baby from evil spirits, put the cradle honey and wine. And every birthday was sweets on the table people cajole the spirits. Previously, it was the custom when the birthday boy thanked each guest Presents, thereby protecting themselves from adversity and attracting prosperity. Now this custom has been lost, but in vain ... At some omens and superstitions, yet it makes sense to pay attention to today:
Pie. Above his head celebrating a birthday break a cake with eggs and buckwheat. Apart from this ceremony brings luck money profit health. Then do not eat cake. In the old days after the holiday he gave to the poor, or have carried out into the intersection.
Rite nahvalivaniya. Tradition, forcing to listen to a lot of congratulations on the birthday, refers to a time when the cradle newborn needed cheering glibly: "Smart, beautiful, happy ..." This was nahvalivanie curse his luck.
The large reservoir of beliefs associated with the number of visitors who come to the festival. In the belief that misfortune can bring an odd number of guests.
Candles. "When a man is born, the sky lights up a new star, chtobyosveschat his way" - says a belief Star - a symbol of the human soul, hope and strength, leading behind him. On the ground, the guiding star is the symbol of the candle flame. With this tradition linked the custom to light a birthday candle and extinguish zagadyvaya desire your breath. Number of candles equal to the number of execution of years, shows the potential of accumulated experience without which it is impossible to wish fulfillment. Candles arranged in a circle, create a "ring of power" and endow the energy needed to perform the desire. But if a man put out the candles - the desire began to be fulfilled.
Gifts. In no case can not buy a gift to yourself and then give it to someone that the person presented as if on its own behalf. It clears the energy of good luck, inherent in every gift. According to the signs, there are things that are not allowed to give, as it can lead to disaster. By the tears and anxiety - to give handkerchiefs, toothbrushes, soap, sponges, brushes and other cleaning products.
If a person needs a set of bed linen and towels, he may ask to have presented these items, but then you have to pay for the gift of a symbolic sum of money - "penny." Once upon a time the snout was a talisman of good luck and analogue inconvertible rubles from fairy tales, making profit and neutralizing evil will. To quarrels - to give sharp, piercing and cutting items. By the separation - to give the clock. By parting - to give jewelry with amethyst, onyx, moonstone.
(I'd add that although recent signs of course not appeared out of the blue, but it is to treat them right. Do not panic afraid of such gifts, gift exchange for quite a lot of money and a sign will not work))). And if your house has welcomed guests that you suspect the ability to hurt you, envy, etc. - Either not to take a gift of his hand, or when taking, say to yourself, "I present to health and the mortgage owner! Truly. ยป)
Before you give a gift to you dear man, it is possible to speak of happiness and good luck. Just preparing a gift from him saying a soul of good wishes, ask his own words from the higher powers health and welfare of the one to whom the gift bear.
Unable to cope birthday before, even during the day and the birthday of the house can not stand broken dishes on the table. Make it the next day.


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