Knowledge is power!

It is said that once, in a distant province, the robbers entered the bank ...

One of them shouted at the entrance: "Do not move! The money belongs to the bank, and life is yours! »
Everyone quietly lay down on the floor.
This is an example of how the term is changing the perception of the world.

One woman provocatively lay on the table, but the robber told her, "This is a robbery, not ... Behave accordingly!»
This is an example of how to behave as a professional - to concentrate on the goal.

During the escape from the robbery, the youngest of the thieves (academic degree) said the oldest, who barely finished elementary school: "Hey, man, can, calculate how much we have?»

The old man replied angrily: "Do not be silly, it's a lot of money to be recalculated. Let's wait until the news will be announced, as the bank lost ».
This is called experience - by far more important than the degree of experience.

After the robbers had disappeared, the director of the bank said the accountant, so he called the police. Accountant said, "Wait a minute, let's add to the sum of those stolen 5 million that we kidnapped last month and say that they too have stolen».
It's called - to seize every opportunity.

The next day the news was announced that the bank was robbed of $ 100 million. Robbers prey counted, but counted only 20 million. The robbers began to grumble: "We risked our lives because of the accident 20 million, while as banking bosses stole 80 million without batting an eye. Probably better to learn how the system works, rather than being a mere robber.
This is called - Knowledge - force!

Director of the Bank was very pleased, especially the fact that its losses on the stock exchange were masked robbery.
This is called - do not be afraid of risk.

Give a man a gun and he can rob a bank.
Give a man a bank and he can rob everyone!


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