The practice of "INSPIRATION"

We are encouraged by the fact that we can bring positive emotions, feelings, states that contributes to the realization of our deep personal needs. Therefore, if you force yourself, "forced" to motivate, to compel, to blame yourself and others, then the creative energy is blocked, and thinking becomes a "standard", stereotyped, restricted.
Where you can find sources of natural blissful inspiration?

Firstly, it is the spiritual practices that inspire you exactly that communicate with the divine within you. It is these spiritual practices reveal our dormant reserves. Find her, and become every day a little bit more better than you were yesterday!

Secondly, the nature. Nature cleans up at: prana, removing excess "stagnant energy and" letting "a fresh, high-vibration; at the level of the senses - they begin to help us think about and create even more clearly, positively, consciously; at the level of the mind - obsessions gradually withdraw from the head, the mind is distracted by sensory perception: the beautiful scenery, the pleasant sounds, delicate flavors, the thrill of touching the flowers and grass, and so on. etc .; at the level of the mind that if calm the mind - includes heavy-duty reserve of mental energy - in the evacuated space comes a new or "repressed" earlier ideas, projects, visited us one by one insight.

Third, the state of the resource. What do you remember your past as a state holiday, luck, success, a pleasant surprise, memorable? When we remember, we "includes" state "concept is simple," and then our mental energy is updated. Resource state is also a focus on the present - the art of Presence (can be found in the books of E. Tolle).

Fourth, the environment. People who are not afraid to live, to grow, to improve, to create, to fulfill its purpose, to please his new, people need creative projects, and inspire our mental energy to wake up to a new level. If we are, of course, we do not envy, and know how glad and rejoice for these creative personalities.

Constantly improves our mental energy is a powerful magnet - pulling the situation, new acquaintances, knowledge that will contribute to the disclosure in our new positive character traits and new creativity.

Wish you happiness!


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