Why not take pictures of sleeping people.

Perhaps each of us have heard that you can not take pictures of a sleeping man. This sign is common among most people, and it is followed by some photographers. What explains this superstition, and from where it originates?

There are several explanations. One version takes us back to the XIX century - when the art of photography was born only. Photographic devices have a high cost, respectively, and photographs are also appreciated very much. Not everyone they were available, and families have not had thick albums with photographs. During this period, some European countries, there was a rather strange tradition for us. People began to take pictures of dead relatives to have some real memory of them. And not only shot the deceased in a coffin. Often dressed in his ceremonial clothes and seated at the table or in a chair in his usual position during his lifetime. As family heirlooms can store photos of family feast or tea, one of the actors who played the deceased. Thus, there is a natural association: pictured here are people with closed eyes resembled the dead. Later it developed a superstition that a person embodied in such a way will not live long, because his picture suggests death.

Some versions are even mystical. According to the theory, photography as well as graphic or pictorial portrait contains a significant amount of information about a person that it depicts. People with bad intentions, the black magicians and sorcerers are able to read this information from the image and use of harm to humans - so it can bring to jinx or damage. In the dream a man power is lower and weakened protection Photo sleep in a more dangerous.

For a long time it was believed that during sleep the soul leaves the human body - a condition called "small death". People believed that the sudden sharp awakening of the soul can not get back and people will die. Of course, this is an exaggeration, but we can not accept the fact that the shutter click, or a bright flash can be very frightening sleep, cause a psychological shock. It was also believed that capturing the human during sleep, can cause serious damage to its power and weaken vitality.

By photographing sleeping, as well as to any other superstition, people are treated differently. Someone unconditionally believe in signs, someone avoids such actions "just in case" someone believes all this nonsense. Apart from the mystics, we can see that photographing sleeping people, at least, unethical. In the dream, the person does not realize how it looks. Someone is snoring with his mouth open, some drooling. Disheveled hair and wrinkled face no one is decorated, it is unlikely someone will be nice to see yourself in the picture in such a form.

If you still want to take a picture of family or friends when they are in the realm of Morpheus, you have to ask for permission, and do not be offended if you made a snapshot of demand must be removed immediately.


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