Causeless, frequent, prolonged sadness - is a good sign:

So, all is not lost. Life tests us the strength and suitability for the transition to the higher realms that we call paradise. Correct the situation, having regained the joy of existence is possible only if the soul that really is your essence, your road, and you are ready to act.
This will require to expand the perception of which has been crushed and narrowed to a primitive logical analysis of what is happening with a lot of distortion caused by the imperfection of mind, lack of information and complexes.
• Try to take all objects and situations of internal sensations rather than encyclopedic knowledge. Believe his soul.
• Do not take other people's opinions, always qualitatively analyze them and questioned. You - not all, not at the same factory stamped.
• Never make excuses. Justification - recognition of its weakness and inability to take responsibility for their lives. And people - not angels or gods, to judge you.
• Grow. Read books, watch movies with meaning. Philosophical Investigations will be enough for a long time.
• Think. All wrong. If your thoughts, your decisions, your position in life are taken from someone else, therefore, it belongs to him and your life. Takes on his own. Do not be afraid to think. This ability to strongly suppress selfish manipulation, allow them to make yourself a slave or not - you decide.
• Do not divide the world into good and bad. If your life does not happen "bad", perhaps at this point it would have long since broken. Track chain of cause-and-effect relationships. In life there are no problems, only situations. Think of them as a lesson. The more hits - hence, the worse you understand what you are trying to convey.
• Accumulate awareness. Always understood that, and why, explore new.
• non-judgmental attitude to anything whatsoever.
• Keep track of your thoughts and desires - they come true. If you want everything to be bad, so be it. If you want to achieve something - imagine how it must happen as if everything has already happened. And you will.
• Try to be open, trust life. At least to the best of friends.
• Know how to choose his words. Find the approach to each person. Not necessarily something to someone to prove or to open all the cards. Just Be able to find a common language and provide useful information in terms of development.
• Find like-minded people. They are. Just you, most likely, they do not notice, and are afraid to seem "backward" on their background and what they can learn a lot about you may condemn you. Afraid not necessary - not for the life given to her to live in fear of losing valuable opportunities.
• You probably have any hobbies and areas of interest. Perfection in them to achieve success.
• Remember that there is always a way, which you do not know. Do not go-trodden road - overtaking on bends. Look for the original and comfortable way, no matter what others can not realize their practicality, as it will go for you, not them, and for you to decide.
• Never forget that it is not the world of boring, but just a little, you see. For the blind or deaf, he still boring - everything is limited by your perception.
• Drop the ego. Your instrument - a clear vision of the situation and realize justice.
• Live in the present tense. The future never comes, if you constantly think about it when the time comes, which you constantly think you'll have to think about another distant point. Exist currently, or will not see how life suddenly ends. The same applies to the past.
• Think of the moments of childhood, and return to that state.
All in your hands. Sadness comes from indifference to his own fate. And happiness is attainable, for it does not need anything - it is the same state as sleep or wakefulness. Now, that it has come, it is necessary to wake up.


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