20 amazing facts, which is more like a lie than the truth

The facts are known, are stubborn things. This is especially know when you read something that did not fit in my head, it nevertheless does exist. In this collection contains just such interesting facts, which are more like a lie, but the truth is.

At the top of Mount Everest has marine fossils.

The fact that this mountain was formed 30 million years ago at the bottom of an ancient ocean. Today, there you can find a variety of marine fossils, such as trilobites.

Saturn would float in the water.

The total density of the planet is actually low enough so that she could swim in the water.

There underwater waterfalls.

In some areas of the joints at different temperatures of the ocean. Since cold water is heavier than warm, it falls down. Waterfall in the Denmark Strait, located between Greenland and Iceland, is the largest waterfall in the world underwater.

Japan is still the empire.

Japan - the last country in the world to formally retain the title of the Empire. The Japanese imperial dynasty has never been interrupted. The reigning Emperor Akihito today, a direct descendant of the first emperor Jimmu, who founded Japan in 711 BC. This year marks Japan in 2671.

Baikal - the oldest lake in the world.

Our Lake Baikal - the record holder in many ways, but that age, he probably stands out the most. The thing is, that the lake is usually "live" about 15 thousand years. Baikal today for 25 million years.

The Tigers are also mentally retarded.

It Kenny. With him no one wanted to be friends, because he is mentally retarded tiger. He twisted his nose and teeth, which is why Kenny is difficult to breathe and it is not fully closed mouth. And yet, due to improper bone structure, he limped. Since its birth in 1999, Kenny had lived in a zoo in the city of Bentonville, Arkansas.

The Great Pyramids move.

Because of the crustal movement ancient Egyptian pyramid moved 4 km south of the place where they were built about 5,000 years ago.

The smartest man in the world, entered the University of 4 years.

Un Yong Kim was born in Korea in 1962. For two years he already spoke 5 languages, in three years, grasped the concept of algebra and had no idea of ​​differential calculus. At the age of 4 to 6 years, Kim was a student at the University of Hanyang, at age 7 he received an invitation to work at NASA.

At the end of the XIX century cocaine freely sold in pharmacies.

In 1880, cocaine was a part of many drugs that treat colds, neuralgia, headaches and insomnia.

Rubber money cost $ 2,500.

The nature of drug lord Pablo Escobar revenues forced him to deal with a huge amount of cash. There were so many that Escobar had to spend $ 2,500 a month just on gum dressing for money.

Human growth varies throughout the day.

This is due to the fact that during daily activity cartilage between the two vertebrae are compressed and slightly reduced growth. And at night, during sleep, the body repairs itself and stretches.

Iron can be a gas.

How surprising as it may sound, but iron also can go to a gaseous state. To do this, it needs to be heated as much as up to 50 000 degrees Celsius.

Gold can be obtained from normal sea water.

The most common tonne of sea water from any ocean contains about 7 mg of gold. Well, all the world's oceans now flies more than 10 billion tons of gold.

The FBI without weapons.

It sounds strange, but the right to bear arms Federal Bureau of Investigation agents received only 26 years after its founding.

Hippos - the most dangerous animals in Africa.

The males are very aggressive hippos, they often pursue their victims even on dry land, and can reach speeds up to 48 km / h. Annually hippos kill more people in Africa than lions and crocodiles together.

There is a pathological fear of wealth.

It turns out that among the many there is such phobias. It's called plutofobiya. And then there aurofobiya - fear of gold.

Pure ponds were once filled with mud.

Until 1703 Chistye Prudy in Moscow called filthy ponds. Prior to the inclusion of ponds in the estate of Prince Alexander Menshikov and cleaning, they dumped the waste city area butchers.

Fingerprints koalas identical to human.

Despite the fact that the structure of the hand and fingers have koalas completely different than ours, their fingerprints virtually indistinguishable from human - even under a microscope.

Saudi Arabia is importing sand from Australia.

It would seem, why should the state, which is located in the desert, the sand fly and carry him to the other end of the world? The thing is that the sand, which is covered by Saudi Arabia, terribly low quality and are simply not suitable for construction work.

WD-40 is so named because the first 39 attempts to create it were unsuccessful.

A more WD-40 had not been patented to avoid disclosing its ingredients.

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