10 sexy girls who have found a gold mine in Instagrame

Such famous models like Miranda Kerr, Cara Delevingne, etc., have acquired tremendous popularity due to gossip, scandals and public relations, and by which they earn not only on advertising placed on bildbordah and magazines, but also in Instagram. In the same network Instagram there are girls who do not have any PR or gossip, they earn the same millions, posting pictures of their luxurious bodies. It is unlikely that you know these girls, but that does not prevent them from making millions of dollars by posting photos to the "right" clothes and "right" objects in their hands. Let us enjoy the luxury of their terrestrial bodies and know how much they earn through Instagram.

Paige Hathaway (Paige Hathaway)

As you can see from the photo above, the 26-year-old Paige Hathaway Minnesota sponsoring sports brand «Shredz». Paige has a truly magnificent physique, she "sets the standard of beauty in the fitness industry»

According to the publication The Sun, Paige earned $ 5 665 million

"The ideal body can have one, just to get it, you have to work hard and believe in yourself. I want women to look at me and think, "If Paige Hathaway can, then I can", "- she said

Cherie Ana (Ana Cheri)

Ana Cheri was born in Southern California and thanks to her ancestors boiling mixture of white, Indian and Mexican blood

Currently, she is also working with Shredz Supplements and it is "representative of power, sexuality and positive»

Itsins Kayla (Kayla Itsines) 87,214,174

This 24-year-old Australian model has earned $ 7 305 million through a series of guides on sports exercises and specially released for this application

She is a frequent contributor to their profile picture of its subscribers, who were able to change their shape thanks to her methods.

Chantelle Zeyls (Chantel Zales)

Chantelle Zeyls was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, by the parents of Mexican and Costa Rican descent. As a little girl she moved to Phoenix, where she was involved in swimming and football. In addition to his love of the sport, Chantel also knows how to play the saxophone and violin

Career Chantelle sharply went up the hill somewhere between her training in high school and college, when she took part in several campaigns from Acura and Pepsi.

Later, Chantel moved to Los Angeles where he became a popular model and was photographed for such popular magazines like FHM, Maim and other

Busty babe has 3 million subscribers to Instagram.

Allende Claudia (Claudia Alende) 94,640,345

In 22-year-old Claudia Allende from Brazil more than 2, 8 million subscribers in Instagram, thanks to which it earned $ 3 130 million as a lingerie model

She also participated in the famous beautiful pop contest "Miss Boom Boom", which thanks to its irresistible "rear", she managed to take second place.

Retchford Abigail (Abigail Ratchford)

23-year-old Abigail Retchford Playboy model is Los Angeles, and because of its candid photos, she managed to earn Instagram $ 3, 430 million

In addition to the modeling career, she also has its own line of clothing.

Lacey Kay Somers (Laci Kay Somers)

This model, chef, singer and personal trainer shaking their Instagram photos luxurious body. Unfortunately, any specific figures on its earnings could not be found, but there is no doubt that this seven-digit numbers.

Amanda Lee (Amanda Lee)

It's hard to ignore the awesome photos of Amanda Lee of Los Angeles, whose instagram has millions of fans

Amanda is the coach of Pilates and lingerie model, thanks to its self where she earned nearly $ 3 million.

Alex Jean Brown (Alea Jean Brown)

24-year-old Alex is a fitness fanatic who began blogging, featuring its transition from mother's body has recently given birth to tighten body fitness model

She writes a blog, which gives advice with regards to fitness, beauty and personal style

Alex looks amazing, so it is not surprising that many companies from the beauty industry seek to cooperate with it.

Falcone Bella (Bella Falconi)

It is also a fitness model and a mother who turned her postpartum belly in trim press with cubes

In addition to training in the gym Bella is also engaged in the fighting without rules

Thanks to the sports body and the regular publication of his pictures in Instagram, Bella managed to gather up more than 2, 2 million subscribers and cooperate with Shredz.


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