7 things that make any woman beautiful

Pop culture tells us that a "real" beauty: full lips, model figure, and easily correct flaws with makeup - a few strokes with a brush and you're beautiful. But attractive women do not mascara, concealer or lipstick. Cosmetics can emphasize the advantages, but the real beauty - it is much more complex and at the same time a lot easier.

Editorial Website in full nods - that's what makes women beautiful. By the way, for men it is also true.

1. Passion h3> A woman without enthusiasm and passion - a boring woman. Life sometimes rides on us as a six-ton ​​truck. It's hard to find time for yourself, your favorite hobby - can only work-home-work. But if we are passionate about something, it saves: come home, eat dinner, and sit down to make a notebook / paint / paint or books. And the soul sings.

Life is not limited only to work. obsessed with a man seen at once - it's a special shine eyes For enthusiastic woman wants to follow her want to talk.

2. Warmth h3> Cold selfish women love only themselves. Of course, love for yourself - excellent quality, but everything is good in moderation. Few people like selfish. If a woman is not able to empathize with others, who will empathize with her?

warmth attracts people A woman who knows how to give love and receive it as a gift, will always be attractive pompous beauties.

3. Intelligence h3> In our culture There is a myth that the beautiful women who take care of themselves - silly. The stereotype works in two directions: meaning that smart women are ugly, they exist only work with education, and a trail once.

Strange stereotype. A woman who does not strive to learn and develop intelligence - is like a writer who never reads books. It's like yelling into the void: "I do not need to understand the world, that he understands me!».

The very pursuit of knowledge already makes us attractive. Be smart - sexy.

4. Cheerful disposition h3> No one likes to be depressed, so eternally gloomy unattractive people. Of course, this does not mean that a woman should always be in good spirits: in life there are difficult times, when grief is natural for us. But the difficulties to an end, and again to find the strength to live, wonder, explore and enjoy - beautiful

This mental attitude is felt immediately. Other people also want happiness and they are drawn to the fun, inquisitive woman.

5. Perseverance h3> Women who refuse to give up in spite of everything - beautiful. Perseverance against anything (career, creativity, relationships, sports) inspiring. The world loves fighters.

Please do not get me wrong: it's not that all must immediately begin a relentless struggle with the circumstances. But to choose a goal and strive for it , fight to achieve it - a wildly attractive quality.

6. Confidence h3> confident woman knows her, though it does not hold them for show and not asking for praise. Silently, she is proud of it looks like, what he thinks, says, than interested. It takes itself and is quite happy with a It's beautiful.

7. The desire to live h3> Perhaps the desire to live - the sum of all these qualities. When a woman keen, compassionate, intelligent, funny, stubborn and itself considers worthy and beautiful person, she is beautiful. It becomes the very spark that lights the hearts of all around and gives the desire to live and to them too. < br />

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