4 questions to ask before choosing a job

Two years ago, my graduate Nick puzzled over where and how to start a career. Sending your CV to different companies from the finance, IT technology, consulting and marketing, she suddenly realized, that more worried not by whom and how and where it is going to work.

When people make a good image of the company where they want to work, they think just about its role in society. Undoubtedly, the position and the salary is important, but there is such a factor as the CULTURE
But how to understand the level of culture of the company where you have not worked? Nick asked me as a curator. I gave her a piece of advice: to analyze the company's history. Ask the views of its former employees, read the forums, find stories that took place within the company.

Let's look at four key questions that you should know about:

1. The director - a tyrant or a man?

The director - a man who had the chance to be above the rest. Often this type, which dumps the bulk of the work on the office plankton; its parking lot is forbidden to put your car, even if he is on vacation - simply because it is a privileged place; and he claims that he - one of us. This tyrant. Not the best option for the applicant. Your life will be completely in the hands of one person, that you do not care.

2. Do I have a chance to grow in the company, even starting from the lowest position? H3> Many corporate leaders began his career as a secretary, messenger, porter or trainee, as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Thanks to a huge incentive to get out of their situation, the low status of the employee achieves great success, but it is devoid of any help. Consider the history of career employees.

3. Fire me? H3> Sometimes the organization is forced to lay off employees: Crisis forces to make cuts. But some leaders make a lot of money on this, and other bonuses paid to employees who are hired again.

4. As the boss would react to my mistakes? H3> In many organizations, employees are fired even a single mistake. But there is another policy. There was a curious history: in 1960 in the United States one developer made a mistake that cost the company $ 10 million. He went to the director, is already ready to receive the news of the dismissal, and the director said: "The fire you? No really. I just spent 10 million on your training. »

Carefully review the answers you give to these questions, to understand: there is a notion of justice in this company? Is it safe to work here? Will I be able to form their own future in it?

When the boss is understanding person, trying to protect and take care of their employees, and employees moving up the career ladder, the culture of the company can be called safe.

There are companies with unique elements. For example, where employees have their inside jokes, your Slang, unusually frequent furnished offices and corporate parties. But it's only a small part of the company's corporate culture is not worth it to swim. The main thing - is its value. How are employees and they value the work.

Of course, fun, corporate, innovation - all this attracts, but the first thing you need to know about the negative aspects of company policy. When reviews say about the injustice, insecurity, immobility and poor reputation, boldly cross out the firm from its list. Do not think that you will be the exception, it will be able to achieve great success and become the darling of the authorities and all the staff.

If you're still not sure where you want to work, find only one story that happened in the company - it will tell you all about her culture
Author: Adam Grant
Translation and adaptation of the Website

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