Thunderbolt 3. Everything you need in one cable and a little more

2015 promises to be a turning point in the field of interfaces connecting digital devices and peripherals. Following the appearance of a symmetrical connector USB-C , Intel is announcing a technology that opens up this connector is literally still a bright future - Thunderbolt 3 . This is no exaggeration, judge for yourself. Thunderbolt 3 - is:
  • the tire at a speed of 40 Gb / s (2 times faster Thunderbolt 2, and 4 - USB 3.1);
  • the ability to connect two 4K 60 Hz displays via DisplayPort 1.2; li >
  • 4 line of PCI Express Gen 3;
  • 100 W for the needs of power and recharge;
  • emulation 10G Ethernet;
  • daisy chain up to 6 devices . this, again, is realized by means of one tiny connector USB-C. It is easy to imagine the possibilities offered by new technology. For example, mega-dock (by the standards of current performance, but not at the price), a handheld device capable of transforming into a gaming platform with decent performance. Or external storage media faster than the current domestic. And much more, of course.
    Specification Thunderbolt 3 published by Intel in the middle of this year, the first implementation in hardware is already there, well, the mass production of devices with Thunderbolt 3 will begin early next year. Well, after that - just a fairy tale. After about six months, will be announced output optical Thunderbolt version 3 - all the same, but with a cable length up to 60 m.



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