12 ideas for Christmas gifts that you can make your own hands

Holidays are getting closer, and the question of what gifts to choose relevant as ever. Finding appropriate of gifts, we spend hours wandering around the shops, not even thinking that the wonderful gifts you can make your own hands.

You should not disparage homemade things: maybe you just have not seen standing options or think it's too hard. Website has collected a few simple but effective ideas for gifts that will be nice and give and receive.

Pillows Handmade h3>

Bright and original cushions decorate the interior and create a cozy atmosphere of a winter holiday. You can buy ready-made cushion and just sew for her elegant case. Choose colors and traditional applications as a symbol of the new year, or something more neutral to pillows were relevant throughout the year.

The warm felt slippers h3>

Comfortable soft slippers will warm even in the coldest weather. You will need felt in two colors and thread to match. Cut the soles of two colors of felt and the upper part, as shown in the figure. Then connect the upper part with the bottom in several places, starting with the forefoot. Carefully sew the usual stitches, fastening all the elements together. You can decorate the finished slippers different decorative elements.

Decoration for wine bottles h3>

A bottle of good wine in itself a good gift. But, decorated it in the style of the New Year, you give even a festive mood. Variants of decoration - a huge amount. We liked the cute hats from felt and cozy knitted covers from old sweater sleeves.

hand-painted cups h3>

Ordinary white cups can be turned into an unusual gift that will keep your hands warm. There are many ways, we have chosen two simple and fast: using water tanks and nail polish, and using spray paint.

Sweet Gift h3>

Fragrant and colorful Christmas cookies - a wonderful gift that does not require large expenditures. You can be sure, it is a treat not leave anyone indifferent. And if his beautifully packaged - get a real sweet masterpiece. Learn more about how to make a cookie and icing, we just recently you have been told.

Set for cooks h3>

A good idea for a gift for those who like to cook and spend a lot of time in the kitchen - a set of kitchen utensils, a beautifully decorated by hand. You can combine all in tack (which can also be made to) and tie a beautiful ribbon or make a "bouquet».

The rim for hot drinks h3>

Felt rims for glasses with hot drinks can give a friend or colleague. Cut a strip of felt, decorate various figurines made of felt in other colors as well as Velcro fasteners sew the ends.

original accessories h3>

Ordinary gloves and scarf bought in the store, can be transformed into an original gift, if you decorate them with colored stones. At first lay the stones, making a pattern, then paste with a special glue. Everything you need can be easily found in stores for needlework.

Case for phone or tablet h3>

Case in an envelope is simple in execution, but the correct choice of colors and fabric looks pretty impressive. Better to choose contrasting colors, as if to sew the two corners of buttons and wrap their tight thread or cord, turn the original clasp.

Warmer Hand h3>

Cut colorful fabric into small squares and sew them from the pads, leaving one edge neproshitym. Pour over the remaining rice and sew the hole. You can pack up ready to warmer homemade bag. And do not forget to explain: you need to warm up the water bottle in the microwave for 20 seconds, and then put it in his pocket - it will be a time to keep warm and not let his hands warm. By the way, a heating pad can be done and more - for example the legs.

Set Gourmet h3>

If you know the culinary preferences of people, you can give them a themed kits that include food, drinks, utensils and other accessories. For example, a lover of pasta in a large colander can be folded packaging paste, tomato sauce, olive oil and a bottle of wine. A true coffee lover would welcome basket with coffee mug beautiful, sugar and biscuits.

Photo collage h3>

Collect the best family photos or pictures of memorable moments with friends and make of them a beautiful collage. Frames can fasten to each other or hang individually. This gift will surely be appreciated by, and the more ideas you'll find in our article 6 coolest ideas on how to hang the frame with pictures.

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