25 Photos On How To Suffer Forgetful People

This is what can happen if you forget to close the hatch in the car

or doors

It's sad ... very sad

Honey, I has washed

A story about how bad memory can cause a divorce

left the phone in the car to charge

Have you tried cooking condensed milk at home?

Our Heroes cooking result looks like this

The result of the explosion

There are still good people in the land

When I forgot to remove the headphones and stood up

When the note on the refrigerator will not save

And some do prey on people forgetful

Or memory is bad or caught on live bait

This is not the school experience on the study of volcanic lava. It forgotten caramel

No there has not been the Ministry of Health


The owners of this apartment went on vacation for 3 weeks and forgot to close the window

The consequences hit

know yourself?

Sometimes the memory can refuse to seconds

You can get lost in space

You can completely forget where, why and for what purpose was


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