This homeliness Kitten found on the street in the box. So, what happened to him next, will make you smile!

The history of this unfortunate street kitten could end up very sad. Hungry, sick and unnerved, he was on the verge of death when he was accidentally discovered by a roadside family of Florida. Home care, warmth and care have created the magic: the unfortunate and ugly kitten has become a real furry handsome! He had changed so much that there is now no way to know that a cat, which once picked up on the street. Hosts so impressed with the changes that have occurred to their new favorite pet that they have created for him in the Instagram account and are now sharing his photos with new subscribers and network users. "Silas before and after!" - A signature accompanied by the photographs.

«We found him dying on the roadside and took it to us to live».

The care, love and affection have done him a real miracle:



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