How to link weight and hormones.


Hereditary predisposition, fate, bad karma - what only "diagnoses" do not put yourself women who can not lose weight! Some give up and throws attempts to get rid of excess kilograms and centimeters, but some decide to find out the truth.
In this article, I propose to deal with one of the most important issues - how to relate weight and hormones?

№1. Leptin - a regulator of energy metabolism
Also called satiety hormone, because that's what it signals our brain to saturation and the need to stop eating.
When our body is reduced levels of leptin, the brain perceives this situation as lack of fat reserves, and we begin to experience the feeling of hunger. Therefore, in such moments, so I want to eat chocolate or something sweet.


What influences: lack of sleep. When we sleep less than 7 hours in one night, our body does not make enough leptin, but increased production of ghrelin, which talk later.

What to do: regularly eat fish and seafood and, of course, to sleep.

№2. Ghrelin - generator hunger
It stimulates the brain to increase appetite and encourages our genes to the accumulation of fat in the very bottom of the abdomen, which is so difficult to work through the exercises.

What influences: lack of sleep. Studies have shown that getting enough sleep at least a few hours for several nights to ghrelin production increased by 15%.

What to do: to outwit the body. There is useful fractional meal - a small portion of every 3 hours and up to 6 times per day. Note that fructose is a motivating factor for the production of ghrelin, so remove soft drinks and fruit juices from your diet.

No. 3. Estrogen - a female hormone present
His role - perform a number of functions, including regulation of the menstrual cycle and the distribution of fat deposits. By the way, estrogen is the culprit appearance sagging tummy young girls.
As soon as there is a decrease in estrogen levels, our body tries to find it in fat cells. As you can imagine, it is in such moments we start to eat a lot of sweet and fat - and this leads to the fact that estrogen makes reserves of fat in our body. In parallel to this, we lose testosterone, which leads to a decrease in muscle mass.

What influences: stress, negative emotions.
What to do: more fruits and vegetables (beets, apples, carrots, etc.), add selenium and zinc, and treat yourself to aromatherapy.

№4. Thyroid hormones - allies or enemies?
They are usually referred to as T1, T2, T3 and T4, but they have one source - our thyroid gland. The greatest influence on the growth of the weight has thyroxine - he is responsible for accelerating the metabolism.
Insufficient production of these hormones in medicine called low thyroid function.

What influences: stress, negative emotions.
What to do: in the diet must be iodine (possibly in the form of iodized salt Marine cabbage salad). Also it is necessary to forget about soy foods and lots of peanuts.
As you can see, the question of how to relate weight and hormones - is not a myth, and the peculiarities of our body. And the root of all evil - the lack of sleep and stress. So remember one simple thing - you only live one life. If you do not take care of yourself today, tomorrow hormone imbalance will do the trick.
Love yourself and be beautiful!



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