7 facts about cocaine king Pablo Eckobare, money which could feed the whole world

He was born into a poor Colombian family, but over the years has become one of the richest and most influential people in the world. Pablo Escobar went down in history not as a politician, but as a well-known drug lord.

Coca king did not conceal their illegal activities, which, incidentally, brought him a fortune. Being responsible for 80% of the global cocaine market, he earned a weekly basis about 420 million dollars. El Patron is considered the richest drug baron of all time. Even hard to imagine how much money he made on the sale of powder of death: it is not about millions and billions of dollars.

The site decided to tell a few things about the huge denzhischi Escobar.

1. only for the year the cartel Escobar earned nearly $ 22 billion.

2. Pablo annually smuggled into the United States about 15 tons of cocaine.

3. Eksobar lost each year to $ 2 billion, but that was not a problem. Eyewitnesses recalled: "Pablo was earning so much that every year had to write off 10% of his fortune because the money in the vault ate rats, they damaged the water, or they simply got lost».

4. Escobar seven consecutive years - from 1987 to 1993 - was on the list of international billionaires, according to Forbes. In 1989, he reached the seventh position.

5. Each month spent Pablo 2, 5 thousand. dollars just for gum for notes.

6. Once, when his daughter Manuela cold in an unheated home-seekers Escobar burned 2 million dollars to warm the girl.

7. In 1991, El Patron was put into the created by his own prison project called La Catedral, which is more like an expensive, prestigious club. The dance floor, swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna, soccer field: then there just was not! Relatives and friends Escobar could visit it at any time, and the prisoner himself decide when to come. But representatives of the Colombian government was forbidden to approach the prison closer than five kilometers.

In truth, the story of the legendary King of coca can not be called fun. I do not want today to talk about the horrible deaths and loud attack, which followed this arrest Escobar. We are told only about the shocking state that can make such a dishonorable way. Despite the terrible facts that accompanied the whole biography of a drug baron, the richest Colombian helped the poor - he even considered a new Robin Hood.

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