French airport rose from the failure of Windows 3.1, the operating system in 1992

Airport «Orly» , which is fourteen kilometers from Paris, stopped their work because of the ошибки in Windows 3.1 , which operates a warning system about the weather conditions DECOR. This version of Windows has been released by Microsoft in 1992 and was among the innovations the game "Minesweeper" for training of precision hitting cursor on the screen.

"In Paris, there are only three specialists who can deal with the problems in the DECOR. The following year, one of them is retiring, and we can not imagine who could replace him ", - says Alexander Fiacre, Secretary General aviaprofsoyuzov union UNSA-IESSA.

November 7 at the airport, "Paris - Orly" was fog. Air traffic controllers could not tell the pilots on the visibility on the runway, because there was a failure in the "environmental data management system Orly and Roissy» - DECOR, «diffusion des données d'environnement contrôle d'Orly et de Roissy». The same system works in Europe's largest airport - "Paris - Charles de Gaulle", all - in the fourteen airports in France. And the system works on Windows 3.1 , released in 1992.

Tools used by the airline Aéroports de Paris, working on four different operating systems that were released from ten to twenty years ago. Some systems run on UNIX - a favorite in the 1980s, the operating system of universities and start-ups.

Microsoft released Windows 3.1, adding a system of scalable TrueType fonts and the game "Minesweeper", first introduced support for multimedia content. i>

Secretary General of Association aviaprofsoyuzov Alexander Fiacre compares the problem with the system DECOR on Windows 3.1 with the difficulties faced by the NASA program Voyager. The program was launched in 1977, Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 are working at General Electric processors with a clock frequency of 250 kilohertz. Today's smart phones and "smart" watches more powerful computers these forty years ago. Machines using older programming languages ​​such as FORTRAN. And very soon the last of the original team engineer Larry Zotarelli retires .

Agencies need to look for an expert in the programming of the 1970s. NASA hopes that Zotarelli be persuaded to work with young professionals throughout the year to educate its interaction with the Voyager 1, which is located at a distance of about 20 billion kilometers from Earth.

The perforated card with speakers Fortran markup i>

French aviation engineers have difficulty in finding parts for cars. Sometimes parts of computer systems have to look on eBay. And in any case they are not designed for twenty years. French Transport Minister promised that "the equipment will be upgraded by 2017". Fiacre believes that this forecast is too optimistic. He is confident that the upgrade in the best case will occur by 2019, if not 2021.

Fortunately, the system failure will not jeopardize the life and health of passengers. Air traffic controllers have taken all necessary measures, including the number of canceled flights.

If you think that the airports tool that runs on the operating system, almost twenty-five years ago, it's something out of the ordinary, you are wrong. In December 2014 the airspace over London was закрыто on thirty-six minutes , fifty flights were canceled due to a fault in the software age of fifty, says Vice News. In the summer of 2015 two hackers received from the United Airlines PremiumGold-life status of clients and millions of miles of travel for they found bugs in the system: one of the failures in June 2015 привел to infringement schedule three and a half thousand flights.

London. © Tass / EPA / WILL OLIVER i>

Similar problems exist in other transport services. significant part of the equipment of the New York subway is not updated more than 100 years : employees are manually log the movement of trains, and manually operated switches and signals that The operator said the train when it is safe to pass through a particular tract of land.

Everyone remembers the anecdote that ends with the phrase: "Then for God's sake, son, do not touch anything, do not change anything." Cases of failure in older systems, suggests that it is time to change something.



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