The most useful exercise for the joints.

I wake up in the morning you need not only the brain, but also throughout the body. It is not necessary to jump up and immediately do exercises, you can lie a little, developing joints.

1. For the knee joint.
This exercise is useful not only for the warm-up, it is necessary, it is necessary for patients with joint pain, particularly after trauma. Perform 15-20 times.

"Slipping heels».
Lying on the bed, legs straight, arms at your sides.
Alternately bend and unbend your knees, as if sliding soles on the bed. Bending try the heel to touch the buttocks.

2. For the hip

"The wheels of the train»
Knees bent at. Alternately pull straight leg heel forward to the maximum length, just to offset the pelvis. Hands can hold on to the headboard.

"Knee Wall»
Feet shoulder width apart bent at the knees. Arms slightly out to the sides, palms down.
Alternately, immerse the bent leg to the bed inside - left knee to the right leg, right knee - the left.

Bend your knees, knees together, feet touching, the hands lie loosely on the sides. On the exhale, try to raise as much as possible above the pelvis, thus squeezing the glutes several times.

It is very effective for back pain.

Straightening up, legs straight, hands - on either side. Hugged his leg bent at the knee and press it to her breast, lifting the back of the bed, trying to touch the chin knee. Change the pace. Do the exercise 15 times. There may be pain in the lumbar and thoracic spine. Therefore, exercise should be done slowly, exhale.

3. abdominal

"We pull the belly»
Legs bent at the knees, soles firmly stand on the bed. Palm right or left hand lay on his stomach. On the inhale bulge, as you exhale draw the belly (to hand fell along with the stomach). After a short breath breath as if he returns. Do 20-30 repetitions.


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