Tips to help you not gain fat.

Experts say that your body to do so "dry" as possible - easy, in fact, this process is usually very multifactorial, and must take into account all the factors that initiative has been successful. Our material will help all those who are going to fight for a low percentage of body fat.

A high percentage of fat - is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also harmful to health. Especially dangerous visceral fat accumulation, which is typical of many men and some women. The idea is that the fat that is deposited between the internal organs, making it difficult for them to function. It is clear that the deposition of fat in the abdominal area - it is one of the most dangerous types of obesity, which is able to bear a direct threat to your health. This type of fat is called abdominal fat, and saying that he is for the most typical representatives of the male half of the population. To protect yourself from the appearance of visceral obesity, need to monitor their diet and physical activity. Below, you can find helpful tips to help you not only to deal with the insidious abdominal fat, but also have the best quality of the body.

Drink water.
Although we were given this advice so many times, we do not tire of repeating it, because drinking sufficient amounts of clean water is a must not only for the well-being, but also to maintain a healthy body weight. Experts report that water acts as a stimulator of metabolism, and as a factor that suppresses appetite. Moreover, water exchange product withdrawal from the body.

Do not mix carbohydrates with fats.
Many fitness models and athletes say that carbohydrates and fats should be consumed separately, because together they can significantly improve the levels of insulin. Try to eat, so that after a fatty meal or food that is rich in carbohydrates, passed at least three hours before eating food with carbohydrates or fat. Example: eat pasta, wait for three hours and only then eat the nuts.

Use the principles of the ketogenic diet.
If you want to significantly reduce the level of its own fat, then try to use a low amount of carbohydrates in the ketogenic diet. This will allow you to positively influence the level of insulin, as well as to influence the process of burning fat. Naturally, it can be hard enough, but aiming to reduce body fat, you should understand what you are going.

Eat clean.
Surely you have heard that the famous bodybuilders eat organic food all week, and then at the weekend can arrange a small banquet of harmful products. Believe me, it's not worth it. If you can live without sweets and processed foods, it is better to live without them at all, because it will bring great benefit to your body.

Maintain a fixed level of carbohydrates.
You can not just throw out all carbohydrates from the diet. Even during the ketogenic diet you will consume a certain amount of carbohydrates. Try to keep the amount of carbohydrate-used constant. You should not eat 400 grams of carbohydrates for three days and then completely throw them out of power for a week. Perhaps this will allow you to get a result, but your mental health may be damaged.

Use an amino acid and a thermogenic.
Good idea on drying - is the use of amino acids before, during and after workouts. If you want to improve their results in the burning of fat, then you might also be useful to use a thermogenic that will support the burning of fat. Remember that should be used only patented drugs. Thermogenic included in the diet, be sure not to carry out not too much cardio and eat a sufficient amount of high-quality animal protein.

Arrange "deceptive" days with properly.
When you see your calendar marked "deceptive day," Do you think it's official permission to eat anything that is not nailed? The fact is that even deceptive day should be clearly laid out. Try to paint themselves a meal plan for the week. Including fraudulent dish, its calorie count, and write it in their diet. It is no secret that the cheating Day you can inflate your own daily kalorazh 500-700 calories, but they must be taken into account in the average weekly energy intake.

Eliminate potential allergens.
Potentially allergenic foods can have a negative impact not only on the process of losing excess weight, but also on the state of the whole organism. It is no secret that when you have allergies, you are not to diet and you are unlikely to follow up on your own diet plan.

Sleep better.
We know that experts recommend to those who are engaged in the gym with weights quite intensively, sleep at least eight hours a duck. Sometimes you can also meet the recommendations of the prescribing sleep ten hours a day and give time for an afternoon nap or rest.

Counts your diet.
To be able to effectively manage their own diet and losing weight, you must know exactly what what your caloric diet, as well as its macronutrient composition. Keep a food diary in which to record the daily amount eaten and its value. Every few months audited diary to identify the trends which, in your case, work best.

Increase intensity.
Long, slow cardio will not work effectively to optimize fat burning, but some people still do not believe it, even though it confirmed the practice and research. You do not need to spend hours in the gym every day to get the maximum benefit. Studies carried out in the Department of kinesiology Southern Illinois University, have shown that only 11 minute intense weight training performed three times a week, would increase the fat burning at rest, and increased power consumption during the day.

Use the rope.
Include in your training jumps on a skipping rope, because it is quite an effective way of cardio that rezultativen more than sluggish walking on the track. Include a short session of jumping rope after strength training. In addition, you can jump and at home - every morning and every evening. Remember that this method is good only for people who have no problems with joints (especially knee). If you jump on the street and under the feet of your asphalt, buy special sports shoes with soles that will protect the joints from excessive shock.

Train your whole body.
Do not chase the laurels of bodybuilders who use the system of separate workouts for different parts of the body (split). If you want to get the maximum hormonal response of the body, which will help optimize metabolism so to burn the maximum amount of fat, then you should stick with a system of training called "fulbaddi." It is about inclusion in polyarticular one training exercises that involve major muscle masses of the body. Refers to such exercises like deadlifts, squats, bench press standing or bench press, lunges, Romanian traction and many other basic movements. If you have enough technically trained, you can use exercises from weightlifting arsenal - jerk and jolt, which have a strong metabolic effect on the body is practicing.


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