Seven facts about the longevity of the wise from those who lived to be a hundred

Have you heard about the "blue zone"? This is the place of our planet, where the percentage of centenarians is particularly high. While scientists have counted them 5: Barbagia region of Sardinia in Italy, the island of Ikaria in Greece, Okinawa, Japan, Loma Linda community in California and the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica.

Website offers a list of the secrets of longevity, the assembled journalists National Geographic, studied the phenomenon of the "blue zone».

1. Physical activity h2> The oldest people in the world are engaged in low-intensity physical activity. They do not exercise for the sake of exercise - the natural movements of the load and are an integral part of their lives. Give yourself extra physical activity can, by simply selecting the stairs instead of the elevator, walk in the store, or walk whenever possible, abandoning the car in favor of the bicycle.

2. Reducing calories h2> The food Okinawans follow the old Confucian saying hara hati bu resembling that do not need to load up the blade. Eating should be completed at a time when the stomach is full by 80%. To discreetly cut calories by 20% during each meal, just go to the small size of the dishes, not to get a snack, eat slowly and try to eat "junk food" in the morning.

3. Relaxation and stress relief h2> All centenarians during the day satisfied itself short breaks to chat with friends, to forget for a few minutes about the urgent problems, or simply watch the world go around. These pauses can greatly improve our health, preventing chronic inflammation caused by stress, develop into a serious illness. In terms of modern cities to organize the brain can break through yoga and meditation. If you do not like any of the practices, should find something to their liking, and sometimes completely immersed in it, cutting off all the hassle of everyday life.

4. Sun h2> Nikoytsy many are in the sun, thereby increasing the production of vitamin D, helps strengthen bones and overall health. Vitamin D deficiency causes a variety of problems, such as osteoporosis and heart disease. Regular sunbathing, about 15 minutes on the hands and feet, a diet supplement and compensate for the lack of this important element.

5. Faith h2> Healthy centenarians have faith. At the same religious affiliation does not matter: you can be a Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, Jewish or Hindu. People come to church more often choose healthy and good habits. They have a default opportunity for reflection, relaxation and meditation or through prayer or during the service.

6. A clear goal h2> The meaning of life, for which Okinawans get up in the morning, appears to have a kind of invisible protection against stress and reduces the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease, arthritis and stroke. Whether it's work or a hobby, they should be encouraged to go ahead. Do not be afraid to try a something new, to find new targets because unexplored area is an excellent exercise for the brain so as to maintain mental clarity and sharpness of thought.

7. Family h2> Long-lived people build their lives around the family. For example, residents of Sardinia passionately devoted to the family and family values, and try to settle far away from other family members. According to studies, the elderly who live with children are less susceptible to disease and stress, they eat more healthy food, with them less likely to occur serious accidents. Family cohesion and a sense of unity to help joint dinner and relaxation. Such events have become a family tradition that is not accepted will break.



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