7 secrets of cooking delicious dishes of minced meat

Stuffing - is not only juicy cutlets, dumplings and unparalleled, delicious cabbage rolls, casseroles, ruddy pies, cakes and many other goodies. This is the basis of many dishes, so it's important to know how to cook it.

Today Website will talk about the culinary tricks to cooking the perfect stuffing.

To ak grind h3> Make the stuffing can be 3 ways:

to scroll in a meat grinder using a blender manually - with two sharp knives

When cutting knives meat turns juicy : after all, it is chopped, but not wrinkled as in a meat grinder, and all the juices stay inside. Something like that makes a blender, but it grinds the meat into a paste. You can chop meat and a knife, but two - 3 times faster! Knives should be sharp and heavy enough (a good option - chef knives). "Dealt" with the meat you need a heavy and solid board, under which you need to put a kitchen towel - for stability.

blockquote> - tells culinary blogger Sergey Milyanchikov.

Meat duets h3> Most chefs recommend the use of several types of meat so that they complement each other on the juiciness and flavor. Most Running combination - beef + pork - in fact, not too good, much more interesting following duets:

beef + lamb beef + chicken lamb + chicken Pork + turkey Pork + rabbit < /

For the burgers we do only beef patty. Indeed, in addition to burger patties have sauce and vegetables that perfectly complement the meat in a "pure form.

blockquote> - explains chef Mark Statsenko.

What else to add h3> To mince turned out really delicious, you can add the additional ingredients:

soaked in milk, white bread butter grated cheese fat

Spices and seasonings h3> winning combination:

for beef - pepper + nutmeg for lamb - Zira + coriander for pork - pepper + nutmeg + a pair of drops of Worcestershire sauce < to chicken - (if you're a fan of curry) Turmeric

Discourage stuffing h3> Another secret: minced meat with additives must not only mix, and how to fight off until meat mass not meet in a smooth and springy com.

It is necessary that during the heat treatment the stuffing does not fall apart - no matter whether it is a kebab, which is prepared on skewers, on pleskavitsa, which is baked on the grill or on Conventional cutlets.

blockquote> - writes Eve Punch in his book, "Be Your Own Chef. How to learn to cook without recipes ยป.

let it cool h3> Following hot "massacre" of the meat it should be left alone.

It is best - send in the refrigerator at least half an hour. Stuffing infusions, meat and supplements become one. Besides cold stuffing will be easier to form patties and frying they will get much more magnificent.

blockquote> - advises Sergey Milyanchikov.

How to fry h3> If you choose to fry the patties, make sure zapaniruyte them - in the flour, oatmeal, breadcrumbs and sesame seeds - they will be juicier. After roasting bring to the readiness under the cover or in the oven.

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