Pros stretching and how it affects muscle growth

- Strength and ligaments. Join these two components into one, since they are closely intertwined. In any case, when stretching the muscles strong enough, we are strengthening ligaments, making them thicker, firmer, more elastic and less prone to injury and tear. And here the strength?

Not muscles, namely ligament determine your performance in power malopovtornyh exercises. Not everybody knows that the muscle is never reduced the whole 100%, therefore, never develops maximum power. This hindered the ligaments that at submaximal stress, send a signal back to the brain, designed to ease the electrical impulse to contract muscles to prevent rupture of the ligaments and other injuries. Therefore, no matter how you tried ze without strong ligaments you are not able to squeeze out of his body limits are

(just under the Wildlife dose of adrenaline, the body blocks the impulses ligaments and at such times, a person is able to reach a maximum power)

(experiment in the United States were two groups of a hundred people, both performed squat. One group ran, the other is not. A significant increase in muscle mass, a month later, there was a group performing stretching. Height power performance was 20% more than the one who do not perform stretching)

- Mobility! You are mobile, you're mobile, these cool quality useful in all sports, whether it's chess or weightlifting.

- Healthy joints, ligaments, cartilage, a clear sign of your youth. In one of the martial arts (CAMP), a youth just the same and is determined by your flexibility.

- Weight! After approach (particularly mnogopovtornogo) your muscles are clogged with blood and lactic acid. Stretching a muscle packed with blood, you not only improve metabolism in it, but also stretch the muscle cell membranes and the fascia. What does it give? Fascia and cell membranes, prevent an increase in the size of your muscles. Stretching them, you sposobstvuesh free protein growth.

All successful training and a good stretch!


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