God, help me to be the kind of person my dog ​​thinks I


dog - that's the only thing on earth that loves you more than himself. No create a loyal and reliable. Who else would carry his legs for you, glowing with happiness, wagging his tail, selflessly loving just for what you are!

Website has collected photographs, after watching them you will want to get a dog.


This dog named Kelly has an official license to operate aircraft as co-pilot. Host Graham Kelly Mountford took her first flight, when she was a three-month puppy. Since then, they fly together.


This man threw his wife, leaving him with only a dog and bare walls. Four-legged friend with his cheerful character inspired him to create a series of photographs. Soon to be released book with the best pictures.


The owner of a German Shepherd died in 2006. Immediately after his death, the dog ran away from home to the cemetery, and all these years, refuses to leave his grave.


This stray dog ​​Georgia Bradley defended from attack. And exactly 7 days after the girl took her home, the dog gave birth to six beautiful puppies.


Two years ago, photographer John Storts took the white dog from a shelter. Since then, they were inseparable, and a dog named Wolf - the main character of the majority of photographs John.


Kid and puppy Dylan Farley born in one day, and now think that they are brothers. If a child is crying, puppy licking his neck so that he begins to laugh out loud.


Golden Retriever named Brooke helps children cope with fear at a reception at the dentist.


When the photographer Theron Humphrey saw this dog in a shelter, he thought: "My God, I can not leave her in the cell." Since then, they were inseparable and together have visited all the states of America.


This dog relieves stress at the meetings of the court. It helps children find the courage to speak the truth and not conceal their experiences.


That's how the dogs: they love us, protect and defend, not expecting anything in return. Friendship with them more precious than gold.


Dr. Mike, along with his dog Roxy took the Internet by storm and has been recognized as the most attractive doctor with a charming dog Laika.


Still, nice to have someone to help you deal with things at work.


Kelly Land, going on a journey, always takes his volkosoba (a mixture of husky, malamute and wolf) named Loki.


This dog named According discovered an incurable disease. Host Neil Rodriguez decided to give her a joint trip to the past emotions were happy.



Mallory Paige travels to Alaska on a motorcycle with his best friend - a dog named Baylor.


Old dog named Chester took from a shelter, although he left to live a few days. Its new owners want him before his death knew what happiness, joy and love.


The dog did not give up in difficult moments of his master, who was on the street.


Dave Meinert rescued puppy from breeders careless, but does not know how long he will live, so it takes pictures every day. The man just glad that they are now together.


This dog is afraid to sound the siren of a fire truck.


The main thing for him now is not to meet the cat.

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20 pictures, showing that there is no one more devoted dog

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