Prayer for the love of self.

This prayer is wonderful in that it is devoted to the most favorite person in the world - currently. There are many prayers for finding love and attraction of the Beloved, and they really work. However, if you start with this prayer, and then proceed to the attraction of the second half, the results will be much faster and more enjoyable.

"On the Creator of the universe, today beseech Thee to help us to accept ourselves for what we are, without judgment. Help us to take your mind what it is, with all of our feelings, hopes and dreams, our character and unique way to be. Help us to accept your body, whatever it was, in all its beauty and perfection. Let our love for ourselves is so strong that we never let him deny himself, will not deprive yourself of happiness, freedom and love.

Let every action, our every reaction, every thought and feeling will now be based on love. O Creator, help us to strengthen self-love, until transformed our whole dream of life, yet fears and tragedy will be replaced with love and joy.

Let the power of our self-love is so great that it will dispel all the lies, which we were made to believe - lies, I assure you that we are unworthy, too weak and not smart enough for anything incapable.

Let it be the strength of our self-love is so great that we will not have to build their lives, based on the opinions of others. Help us to fully trust yourself and take those decisions that should take only ourselves. Self-love will allow us not to be afraid of any responsibility, not afraid of difficulties and solve them if they arise. Let everything that we want to achieve, this being accomplished by force of self-love.

Starting today, help us to love ourselves so much that we never create difficulties themselves. We can live his life, leaving him and not pretending to be someone else just in order to please others. We do not need other people to agree with us or tell us what we are good - and so we know ourselves.

Let the power of self-love will allow us to rejoice in the fact that we see when we look in the mirror. Let shines on the faces of our broad smile, gives us inner and outer beauty. Help us to feel such a strong love of self, so that we always glad to communicate with themselves.

Help us to love ourselves without judgment, for condemnation implies a sense of shame and guilt is a need for punishment and shifts in terms of love. Strengthen also our will and desire to forgive yourself. Cleanse our minds of emotional poison and self-judgment, so that we can live in complete peace and love.

Let our love for yourself will be the force that will change our dream of life. And when our souls will wake up this new power, the mighty love of self, let converts all our close relationships, starting with the relationship with ourselves. Help us get rid of conflicts with others. Let us be joyful to spend time with loved ones and to forgive them any resentment. Help us to love yourself so hard that we can forgive anyone who hurts us.

Give us courage to love your family and friends without any conditions, to change their attitude towards others, to make them happy and loving. Help us to find new ways of communication in close relationships, that there was no more war for control and power, there were no winners or losers. We will work together as a unit, directing its efforts on love, joy and harmony.

Let our relationships with family and friends based on respect and happiness that we had no more need to repeat them how to think and what to be. Let our relationship will be the most beautiful in the world. Help us to experience joy whenever we give ourselves loved one. Help us to accept others as they are, without evaluation and judgment, for rejecting them, we reject ourselves, and denying yourself, deny thee.

Today - a new beginning. Help us start my life from the beginning, on the strength of the love of self. Help us rejoice in this life and its relationship to study life, to be able to take risks, to be truly alive and no longer afraid of love. Help us to open our hearts innate love. Help become Masters of Gratitude, Generosity and Love, so that we can enjoy all created you - forever! Amen. ยป

Don Miguel Ruiz "The Art of Love"


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