15 Consumer Tips for the laziest Of Us

No matter how we resisted, but some days laziness wins us over the top, and the mountain of dishes in the sink seems insurmountable pinnacle. Of course, it would be desirable that the house was clean, but lie on the couch in the company of a good show, too, would be desirable. With a set of these councils no longer have to choose - you can be lazy in a clean apartment!

For example, to not wash for a dish, you can wrap a plastic bag

Or use pita or Mexican tortillas as edible plates

A Chinese noodles and other fast food can and should be eaten straight out of the box - in the end of it all, then she needs!

Tired of crumbs in a bowl of cereal? Enough to put up with it!

Why spoil a cup if you can drink from the bag with a straw? Such a miracle of engineering in universities did not teach

And not to wash the knife, you can cut the cakes flossing. Of course, if you are not too lazy to use it

Iron for wimps. Crumpled shirt you can just steam the Stove

So buy to wear more comfortable, and then God forbid, will have to make several visits

That's how you can make the plants
Quick breakfast of champions

Air freshener for the most economical ...

... And the most original

Stand cookbook of hangers. In case you find the strength to cook something complicated ravioli

An ingenious solution for gamers - use Facetime, to play right out of the bathroom

Two pizzas on a lattice - profit!


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