This was a photographer for a step from death ... He sees life in a completely new colors!

Several years ago, Cory Richards and his two friends were resting in the depths of the Himalayas. Suddenly the men were trapped. They struck a huge avalanche. Cory was sure his friends - not tenants. But when Richards aspen that they were still alive, he turned the camera on himself and took a picture.

It was truly a triumphant moment, full of genuine feelings and emotions. Man, that was just a hair's breadth from death and survived. Cory Richards overwhelmed unbearable pain, fear and irresistible at the same time the fate of boundless gratitude for the rescue.

Perhaps you can see this precious frame to 1:22 into the game with their own eyes.

//Тот the ill-fated self-portrait once and forever changed his life. It's even got a photo on the cover of National Geographic. And that was only the beginning ...

It is worth noting, Cory Richards has always attracted the unknown. Even at school he used photography as the best way to know the mysterious world in which we live. The man thought to not guess that one fateful picture will change his life by 180 °.

«This self-portrait of my life presented me with a completely different side - in a dramatic way. In this picture lies the whole story of what is the connection between pain and victory, and that is - to be a man », i> - says Corey. B>

Today Richards as a National Geographic photographer with the camera documents the personal stories of people from all over the world. He photographs people with great life experience. B>

The hunt for the deep ocean.

Face to face with his brother smaller.

The tiny boat in the middle of the vast sea.

The effects of climate change.

Yes, that's life. It is full of danger and surprises. In the end, we all - one big human family. And these pictures proof. Tell this story to your friends.


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