Came the heat: buy gadget

The idea itself is cool hand is not so ridiculous - it is known that local heaters or coolers for hands or feet helps to maintain the relatively low or, conversely, high temperatures - so made our bodies. If you develop this ability on - you can come up with the machine, which is already invented - CoreControl, created specifically for athletes weightlifters, so that they can cool off, or rather, almost frozen, wrists, and hands her to withstand inhuman load.

Officially, its use is prohibited. CoreControl purchase for any purpose, we will not simply marvel once again - as some people are disrespectful to your body, if only to take, to break any record.

Well, for those who respect your body, it is useful to such a cap. It is made so that if you pour it with cold water in the heat the water will evaporate through the top cap, and your head will stay dry and cool - the whole thing in three layers of special fabrics that provide this comfort. $ 25.

Another headdress - a cooling helmet can run on ordinary batteries and solar - which is quite important in a hot sunny day. $ 50.

Scooter with a refrigerator instead of sitting - not such a silly notion to those who constantly live in a hot climate. But to pay for it $ 500 - not very pleasant prospect. But, if you do this small amount, scooter will make you happy, make no mistake.

"Mike-produvayka" - a miracle for hot climates. Although, at first, it is a shirt (which is not bad for the office), and secondly, it works only by USB, which is also good for sedentary work at the office, but the price - a "third" - $ 170 - makes this "produvayku "jokes that you can give to a colleague's birthday a purse. Colleague will be happy.


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