Who does not PRADA, a sucker! CUM conducting a scandalous campaign in Moscow

Unusual advertising strategy shows these days the Central Department Store. The windows were posters with a new advertising campaign "Back to School", which depicts children in the style of comics, speaking ambiguous phrases.

The phrase used in advertising Pelevin himself would have envied:

"Who does not PRADA, a sucker!»

"All men are like people, and I Burberry»

"Here I am at school. Now I am only interested in clothes, and you - the two old cows do not need me more »

"I want to be rich, famous, drive Bentley, dressed only in TSUM»

"My light, TSUM, tell me Mademoiselle school all fashion».

Campaign CUM can cause resonance of the owners mentioned in her luxury brands such as Mercury, Bentley, Burberry - such slogans are contrary not only to common sense, but also directly violate the law on advertising. Posters made in non-core style of discrimination and not humanity.

The network has already appeared cries about the new (after the boycott Reksony) boycott of the Central Department Store.

Gazeta.ru, FAS intends to bring a case against the owners of the trading house CUM. The indignation of the antimonopoly authority has caused a series of controversial billboards, addressed to younger students and placed in the windows of the Central Department Store. They imply that parental love is measured by the amount of purchased belongings and all those who "wears Prada - fuckers».

A few days ago TSUM shopping center placed in the windows of a building in downtown Moscow advertising posters scandalous content. The main heroine of the advertising campaign of children's shops became a schoolgirl who does not mince words. In particular, the advertisement small visitors can learn that all who "wears Prada - fuckers" parental love is measured by the quantity purchased, "belongings", and favorite toys should be called "old ugly».

The content of the advertising billboards Central Department Store a few days after their placement interested in the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS). As reported "Gazeta.ru" the press service of the department, "photos from the Internet advertising transferred to the employees." "But you understand that the photos are not real evidence, - the press-service. - Therefore, in the near future FAS workers go to the building of the Central Department Store to record the fact of advertising. After the staff will make sure that the posters do exist, it is decided to institute criminal proceedings on the fact of advertising that does not meet the requirements of the law ».

The lawyers believe that if CUM not have time to remove the billboards before the arrival of the FAS staff, departments will have every reason to attract trading house responsible for the distribution of unethical advertising.

Andrey Zelenin, a partner at law firm Lidings, explained that a series of advertising posters violates several provisions of the law "On Advertising". In particular, the billboard where underage girl uses the word "freaks", violates the general requirements for advertising. "According to the sixth paragraph of Article 5 of the Law" On Advertising "advertising messages are not allowed to use expletives, indecent and offensive images, comparisons and expressions," - says the lawyer.

The advertisement, which the young heroine posters categorically says, "Who does not wear Prada - a sucker!" (The word "sucker" some time after placing yet been pasted over) violates the 5th article of the law "On Advertising", which It states that "advertisements should not form a negative attitude to people who do not use the advertised goods or condemn such persons».

Some messages CUM campaign, in addition to general articles of the law, and violate article on the protection of minors in advertising. For example, a desperate plea schoolgirl, addressed to the Pope, to buy her "shoes, hat, dress" directly violates the precept that "advertising is prohibited inducement of minors to ensure that they have convinced their parents or others to purchase the advertised product».

Another quote heroine advertising posters, which states that in the class "envy all burst", and thus "creates a minor impression that the possession of advertised goods places them in a preferred position in front of their peers," also against the law.

Andrey Zelenin says that if the court finds unethical advertising, threatens not only the responsibility TsUMu but brand owners that are advertised, advertising agencies, and even the creators of advertising. "If the court recognizes the legitimate demands of FAS Department Store will be forced to remove advertising and pay between four to five thousand times the minimum wage," - added the lawyer.

Update: With posters CUM disappeared provocative cues (Lenta.ru)

Photo: Norwegian Forest

CUM found the original solution to the problem with new posters, the correspondent "Heathcliff!". Replicas characters painted on them appeared sealed.

August 8 photos flamboyant advertising appeared on the Internet and caused heated discussion, and the next day, August 9, banners took over the management of the FAS for the control of advertising.

Recall store advertising campaign dedicated to the preparations for the September 1st. The posters depicted a girl who is going to school and talking with his old toys. Among the sayings are such: "Here I am at school! Now I am only interested in clothes! And you, two old cows, I no longer needed! "And" Daddy! If you are my true Ljubisa [original spelling preserved], buy! Buy! Buy! my shoes, dress, hat !!! Dolce & Gabbana, Armani and Prada ».

Central Department Store, established in 1885, is part of the holding Mercury - one of the largest sellers of luxury goods in Russia. The department presented more than 400 luxury brands of clothing, shoes and accessories.

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