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Forbes site and compiled a list of the most abusive advertising campaigns carried out in Russia, with their hook rezultatami.Chtoby consumer manufacturers are increasingly moving beyond the limits. Company JTI cigarettes in advertisements Hamlet used the dwarfs felt uncomfortable when using the toilet. Fashion house Cassidy - photos slaves Nazi camps. The advertisement Bentley man in a suit and tie, sitting in a chair impressively, showed the audience the finger. What effect give similar bullying?
After the scandalous campaign "Sosa for a penny" selling vacuum cleaners fell not only the customer, the company "Eldorado", but also in other retail chains of consumer electronics. "Provocation - a guaranteed result from unexpected for experts in their field extreme value - can be a plus, maybe a minus. Brand - a long time, and the provocation like a meteor. Are you sure you will be able to maintain a long-provocateur brand creativity? Those who could, a little "- warns Director of Strategic Planning Grey Moscow Malik Umbetbaev. However, business risks, and are not afraid of shocking still in vogue. "Shock strategy - a loud cry in a crowded room. If FAS deemed insulting ads, it will write all relevant media. Pay a fine of tens of thousands of rubles, the advertiser gets a PR for many thousands of dollars. The sooner banned advertising, the sweeter the forbidden fruit and broader discussion, "- says a representative of an advertising agency R & I Group Margarita Tishchenko.
Forbes figured out what benefits companies receive from such provocations. Here are six companies that conducted the most notable "offensive" action.

"Mom soap frame" Customer: a group of companies "Entente»
Location: Stavropol
Time of action: the spring of 2010

In March, on the sidewalks in residential areas of Stavropol appeared contours fell from the window of a woman with a bucket and a rag in his hand. After a while the city hung banners with the slogan "Our window washing is not necessary - Take care of your mom" and coordinates the firm. Discussion on the internet, initiated "Entente", caused a strong response - hundreds of comments in two days. Public opinion was divided: some considered a cynical campaign, recalling the recent terrorist attacks, others praised creative. The owner of "Entente" Vyacheslav Elkin argues that the number of calls began to grow very next day after the launch of the action, and the interest has not abated for about four months. "Teaser touches not indifferent to almost anyone. But advertising is too tough, "- says CEO of the agency Elena Medinform Musketeers.

"Bury the mother in law in the sand for 399 USD" Customer: travel agency Vista
Location: Yekaterinburg
Time of action: the spring of 2007

"We wanted to draw attention. Companies need the gossip. In particular due to this action, we have expanded the business seriously, "- said director of marketing for Vista Maria Galkina. Billboards urging bury mother in law, and dumping at sea mother attracted the attention of the Ural division Antimonopoly Service. However, to prove that the company violated the law and failed. The company opened 18 offices and is now among the top three travel agencies in the Urals. But to repeat the successful experience of Vista is not going to. Now it supports the image of a serious company and increasing its customer base by means of "word of mouth", handing out bonuses and discounts old customers. "Insight iron incarnation attracts attention," - assesses the work of the managing director of creative agency TWIGA Touch Mikhail Elagin. According to Elena Musketeers of Medinform, a serious lack of action - unaesthetic. "If you decide to teeter on the edge - it should be done beautifully" - suggests the marketer.

"Who is not in Prada, a sucker" Customer: CUM
Location: Moscow
Time of action: September 2007

For a series of billboards, according to FAS offending user that owns the Central Department Store, Mercury paid a fine of 400 000 rubles. But this is minor compared to the economic benefit. According to the observations of one of the representatives of the advertising market, in just a few days after the launch of the advertising campaign at the entrance to the boutiques CUM steel queues. "The big plus of the campaign - a living modern language. But why show the mass market? Why draw the attention of people who are still not yours? It is best to place advertising on the website or in-store "- says creative director EMCG Alexander Alexeyev.

"So tight?" Customer: Financial Corporation "Uralsib»
Location: Moscow
Time of action: the spring of 2006

Compare their future clients with herring in the bank Financial Corporation decided in the framework of a large-scale campaign to promote mortgage lending. The objectives of advertising is not reached. "Scandal did not work, and the effect is also scandalous. You can not be "slightly scandalous", this does not lead to the desired effect, "- says Elena Musketeers of Medinform. "People took down the wrong metaphor, it is not to their size. Sardines associated more with a crush on the subway. This image can be used in advertising auto loans, "- said Alexander Alexeyev from EMCG. "Banks and so many of our perceived as snobs. This advertising can repel from communicating with the bank ", - says Mikhail Yelagin of TWIGA. And the representatives of "Uralsib" were not able to assess the economic effect of the campaign, referring to its remoteness.

"You get us!" Customer: the newspaper "Your day»
Location: Moscow, Saint Petersburg
Time shares: September 2008

The development of an advertising campaign for a major company involved in the country's tabloid "Advertising snipers." Budget shares amounted to $ 3 million. The appearance of billboards on the streets marked the beginning of the lottery "Your golden day." From September 1 to December 31 every month played out a gold ingot weighing 1 kg. The action lasted for one month. Circulation in Moscow and St. Petersburg, where it was carried out, increased by 34% and held at that level for two months. "This phrase newspaper apparently wanted to play a double meaning. But read his customer does not have time. We need to create one-way slogans. The ambiguity does not always work in the black ", - says creative director EMCG Alexander Alexeyev.

"I bought a laptop - get into his ear," Customer: online store for "Noteboom»
Location: Tomsk, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk
Time of action: the spring of 2007

First provocative advertising campaign for Tomsk "Noteboom" has developed a well-known advertising group in the Urals "and Melekhov Felyurin." The meaning of innocent - those who bought a laptop, handed out headphones. According to the representative of the online store Olga Seregina best advertisement "worked" in Krasnoyarsk and Novosibirsk, where after the launch of stock sales have doubled. Representation in these cities were opened shortly before the launch of the action. The native of Tomsk, where "Noteboom" worked by the time 15 years old, she prevented a serious image of the company. "The paper can not afford to write" You get us! ", Since there is no personal contact. The online store has a contact with the sales consultants. And from such advertising may remain "sediment", - said Mikhail Yelagin of TWIGA.

In addition, the editorial team has recalled four campaigns that fall under the definition of "most offensive" .In 2007, Kaliningrad was released greeting card with advertising. This card congratulated veterans of the Great Patriotic War, as advertised - funeral services.

The ad unit, in particular, was written: "Funeral services, including the military; monuments (the Great Patriotic War, hostilities, MO pensioners and other law enforcement agencies through the budget); a large selection of natural stone; fences, tiling, care of graves, etc. ».

Volgograd travel agency "Eldorado Tour" also in 2007 used a cooling of relations between Estonia and Russia in its outdoor advertising.

Sverdlovsk SKB-Bank in 2008, used in his address to the audience, "Zona like" Slang.

Layout billboard 6 × 3 asked: "OCHKUESH, comrade? With the cash Anxious? Let us make deposits in banks deemed reliable ».

Another offensive campaign launched Rexona brand in 2007, in fact, calling women who do not use deodorant Rexona, pigs.
To convince women that deodorant - it is a necessary means of personal hygiene products for daily care, it was decided to establish a communication, provoking "paranoid" effect.

Several months later, the campaign had to turn - women such comparisons had much to not like.

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