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As already mentioned website, the Brazilian branch of the World Wildlife Fund launched a new advertising campaign about the relationship of all in nature. To send this message, WWF and the agency used DM9DDB speaking clever words, chaos theory. Simply put, the "chain reaction", "domino" or "butterfly effect».

As often happens, we remembered a lot of other movies that have been made using the "domino effect." Reception is certainly spectacular and fascinating, though not very fresh and original. But, as one of the authors of the famous "Gears", the creative director of the agency Wieden + Kennedy Matt Gooden: "The copyright to demonstrate the chain reaction does not belong to anyone».

In our encyclopedia we found 12 advertising spots, most vividly illustrate the tremendous promotional opportunities of the physical process. The oldest of them dates back to 1998.

In 2003 VW Beetle introduced a chain reaction, which involved no objects or events and human emotions.

But next year the advertising community blew a two-minute "Gear" for Honda. Despite the fact that during this period of her did not say just lazy, and the site had to be placed in this spot quite a number of their reviews, to do without him this time we simply had no right to. That «Cog» was the "creative impulse" approaches to the theory of chaos. And if to his theme was not so exploited, then after these videos began to appear like mushrooms after rain.

In 2006, Brazilians Santa Clara rented a movie in which a chain reaction in the actions of people were involved, each of which has its consequences, and Leo Burnett Sydney - charming in its naivete and kindness roller for Canon Selphy.

And in less than 10 months of 2007, we counted 5 relatively prominent and creative campaigns.

Swedish advertising agency Waters Widgren, Stockholm showed tremendous knowledge of the realities of the Russian province in the campaign ... European network of bookmakers. The concept of a television advertising campaign, designed specifically for the Swedish market, overcoming the stereotype of the role of chance in the high winnings through Oddset.

In April, the broadcast of the New Zealand television, a series of animated spots, characters are drinking the beverage «V», there is also a completely non-trivial way out of a difficult situation - to show the wonders of calculation and fanatsticheskoy sagacity, they ran a chain of events that are the most incredible way to meet the need .

Insite Campaign «Effortless» styling products Brylcreem built on long reluctance guys messing with hair. The main message of integrated communications - with Brylcreem easily bring your hair in order. To engage the target audience in the agency came up with the online competition of tricks. The winner is the protagonist of the advertising campaign of the brand. Clear favorite competition was the young English comedian and juggler Sam Veale, who presented his vision of a simplified reality.

Agency Baynham & Tyers, specializing in the production of viral video, announced itself with a complex mechanism with two floors. To open with fanfare curtain that hides the names of "home handyman" took checkmate in two moves, accurately throw a dart, long and hard to roll the balls around the house and successfully complete a lot of other components of a long chain reaction.

A clip «Money» for the Brazilian WWF, which we discussed at the beginning of this review, the chain reaction, if briefly, as follows: a man chopping wood, and this causes many interconnected consequences that uncle eventually falling tree Standing behind him.

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