Seven types of wives. WHO ARE YOU?

How much we have that counted the number 7: notes; main chakras; days of the week; major planets affect us; colors of the rainbow; stages of development of relations, and certainly much more. As well there are seven types of wives who are mentioned in the Vedic scriptures. The worst option - the wife-killer, the best - the wife of a servant ... Perhaps many would disagree, since a long time we were told that to be a servant - is low and shameful, and the very meaning of the word "serve" in our highly distorted minds. But in the service there is nothing humiliating, but on the contrary, the ministry elevates man, it helps to express their selfless nature to live for others. Mother, for example, does not sleep at night, shaking her child - the child is a ministry, or the wife to her husband wipes shirt - this ministry husband. And loving woman and that, and another just a joy ... So, seven types of wives, which of the seven steps are you?

WIFE killer
Does not show her tenderness, kindness and compassion, does not respect or even contempt for her husband, wishing him death or even plotting to kill him.
WIFE robber
No busy and just consumes as money activity husband wants to own his property, does not help in his work.

WIFE ruler
Does not like to work, lazy, eats a lot, svoevolnichaet, swearing, is the well-trodden road hardworking husband.

Always showing kindness and compassion to care for her husband, as his child, protects property accumulated husband.

Respects her husband, sister dear brother, modest in front of him, listening to her husband and asks for nothing from him.

WIFE differently
Full of dignity, noble, rejoices, meeting her husband every time after a long separation, the husband holds the body, speech and thoughts, pious and chaste.

WIFE maid
Even if her husband had wings, it is not angry at him, always calm, never lose heart, suffers from her husband and all obedient to him, takes his wishes and instructions. Perceives it as his master.

 - The scriptures also say that his wife, who is the wife-murderer, robber-wife, the wife of the governor, rude and disrespectful and after death goes to hell, because she did not carry out during the life of the duties of his wife. A wife who is the wife-mother, wife, sister, wife, friend, wife, servant, which focus on religious precepts, own them, go at least to the heavenly planets.


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