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Advertising - this is certainly not the work of art, although some samples of her loudly and clearly declare obratnom.No even if the advertising does not even art, but a craft, who said that it could not draw inspiration among the pure, non-commercial art, but such a brief and appropriate idea.

Why, admire a street artist and his work, do not invite him to participate in an advertising project?

We want to gather in this survey examples of this application of art was originally not advertising in the creative and advertising communications.

Sculptor Theo Janssen and BMW No frame c car, not a sound similar to the sound of the engine. And yet, this video BMW, shot by Ireland / Davenport.

Rainy weather, coast. An elderly man watches from a window of a strange structure, which miraculously should move under the force of the wind. It's Theo Janssen, creator of the world-famous moving sculptures. This is the man who, BMW says "soul mate».

Where is the line between engineering and art? Where does the mechanical work and the work begins? On these topics, Mr. Jansen says, watching the surf, gray sky, making notes in the drafts, trying to get her to move another miracle.

"The barrier between technology and art exists only in our minds." This is the joint conclusion BMW and Theo Jansen.

The action of the night show and David Letterman's famous "Balls» Sony famous American showman and TV presenter David Letterman in one of his nightly editions staged for the release of 250,000 colored balls, and a few hundred watermelons. They were released from large boxes at the top of one of the streets of San Francisco.

Recycled idea we could see in 2005 in the movie «Balls», the first of a series of luxury for TVs Sony Bravia.

Musician-actor perfomanser Michel Lauzière and Audi Audi in his video In Crescendo benefited from Michel undertaking Lozier - French comedian, actor, acrobat, musician, and who still is not. He entertained the people strolling, riding a roller with attached metal rods along the glass bottles. So he gets the music. The Spanish video Audi metal rods attached to the vehicle and has played a car "Turkish March" to convey the idea of ​​control and accuracy Audi.

Street artist Joshua Allen Harris and the Environmental Defense Fund at the beginning of this spring, the representative of the New York Street Art Joshua Allen Harris decorated the sidewalks of the city with unusual sculptures. From ordinary plastic bags he made animals and secure the underground ventilation grille. Every time a train passes below raised the flow of air that blew sculptures and forced them to move almost like living.

Environmental Defense Fund (Environmental Defense Fund) and the agency Ogilvy New York Joshua Allen Harris was invited to participate in creating a movie about global warming and the dangers that it carries the polar bears.

The video turned out quite touching and very friendly. Conveys the idea that the underground fills the air shape of polar bears appears more environmentally friendly alternative to road transport.

Technique of drawing with sand on the ground glass, the artist Ilana Yahav and numerous followers: Qwest Communications, Tea Maitre, Development Bank of Southern Africa known Israeli artist Ilana Yahav, one of the few artists in the world who performs a "living pictures" such an unusual way, managed to take part in at least three projects, each of which received much alike as two drops of water. But all these projects came after the music video, which can be considered as a source of inspiration.

Ferrofluid art and Audi Sachiko Kodama, a graduate of the Faculty of Physics of the University of Hokkaido, was fascinated by the fact that is at the intersection of science and art. She practically invented (if not invented, or at least brought to the people) ferrofluid art, demonstrating to the public the strange behavior in a magnetic field ferrofluid - a liquid containing very small ferromagnetic particles of about 10 nanometers (0, 00001 mm).

Audi has used this feature ferrofluid in advertising TT. The models, which, like many modern cars is on the intersection of science and art.

Artist on machines in the mud Scott Wade, Mitsubishi and Jung von Matt Dirty car can be beautiful. Renowned artist Scott Wade creates his works of art in the dusty windows of cars. From his special brush overwrite dust, leaves a great graffiti lifetime until the next rain.

The Portuguese agency Partners commissioned last spring, Scott Wade series of drawings of cars from the lineup Mitsubishi. And the agency Jung von Matt has done without inviting Scott - the image on the Mercedes and the call to come "to work on the Mercedes» (meant the group as a client agencies) drew other artists but in the art Wade.

Street artist Julian Beaver and Johnnie WalkerDzhulian Beaver and his colleagues on the shop floor paint on the pavement paintings, intricate way playing with perspective. Rate grandiose plan and work can only be rising to a point at which the flat pattern are convex and volume. In addition to non-profit projects Beaver signed and for advertising.

Artist Mark Khaisman tape and two scotch producer Mark Heisman, an artist originally from Ukraine, a graduate of the Moscow Architectural who is now living in Philadelphia (USA) draws tape. Exhibited in museums and galleries, taking awards at festivals and competitions.

It would be strange if some of the manufacturers did not use scotch his creations. But even stranger is that Heisman liked working in the advertising sense to two prooizvoditelyam.

Photographer Martin Klimas and manufacturers of glue and shoe Another strange coincidence was seen in advertising and Loctite glue shoes Olimpikus.

Martin is known for his photographs, which he captures a process of breaking glass and ceramics. Two independent agencies did campaigns for different customers, using the style of the works of Martin Klimas.

Agency DDB Madrid (Spain) and DCS (Brazil) with a difference of 1 month did these campaigns based on works by the artist, and Klimas is not listed in the creative team.

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