Humor from the life of "mother's mother" in advertising soups Lucchetti

The agency Madre Buenos Aires and the studio Peppermelon done for brand soups Mama Lucchetti series of cute and funny "kitchen" multikov.Brend Mamá Lucchetti always had a conservative and stable in communications, but they turned in Madre, and they are all altered. Argentine creators wanted to add a bit of life brand communication and healthy laughter. While leaving the main theme of a message: the mother.
Make funny cartoon mothers find each character a close insight to women associated with housekeeping and take videos for scenarios that do not expect any one family.

The first step to restart the brand was to buy the rights to the famous song «Manha-Manha» of the Muppets.

This was followed by joint work Peppermelon studios and agencies. The characters and their surroundings have been a whole evolutionary era as long as they do not become extremely simple, pretty awful and only vaguely resembling humans. So they are perfectly blended to write the script.

The process of developing the characters

The process of developing kuhon

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