Pristavuchie girl in shocking public service

Colenso BBDO New Zealand Agency raised in the northern part of the region of Auckland, Rodney District, the issue of child mortality by dorogah.Auckland Region, one of 16 regions of New Zealand, the most densely populated, and therefore it has more cars and more traffic accidents. The number of accidents involving children - a serious and terrible problem. With Colenso BBDO Rodney District Council have turned to reach people and draw their attention to the consequences of death for children under the wheels of cars.

Creators have found a very clear insight that is relevant not only for the faint of heart and empativnyh citizens, but also for other people with a strong mentality. The ambient campaign were not involved appeals care of children has not been shown Mount parents, because all this can feel only people who have a strong sense of empathy. Colenso BBDO gone the other hand - on the part of its own internal human feelings, so it is not almost nobody can ignore.

Also see review of the most terrible and shocking social advertising.

Around Rodney District were placed cardboard figures of sad little girl. They were literally everywhere, and wherever he went people he might meet there again this girl. And two weeks later, when the image of the girl was literally vdolblen in people's heads, in her hands she appeared road sign that says: "The children whom you killed, never leave you. Slow down near schools ยป.

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