Ending saved a new ad Orbit

Seventh in September launched an advertising campaign for the brand Orbit. The TV spot, developed by the agency BBDO Moscow, continues a series of "on orbit" and will be shown on federal TV channels. Our heroes Cynthia and Junior in his painstaking work to combat tooth decay in the universe cuts out the time to go for shopping on the planet Earth. Junior faithfully carries all purchases blue-haired beauties, at some point he even have to take her bag in his teeth - than immediately trying to take advantage of the robbers. But pull out whatever it was of strong teeth Junior's impossible, because he chews Orbit, which contains a mineral complex and strengthens enamel zubov.O what happens next - watch the new video Orbit.

Creative team: Team Wrigley: IO Marketing Director: Irina Polukhina Brand Manager: Konstantin Perov Team BBDO Moscow: Creative Director: Andreas Toscano Art Director: Maria BondarevaKopirayter Anna Gonchar Director Customer: Maria MorozovaStarshy manager to work with clients: Albena Kovaneva Producer: Tatiana Rebrov Production Studio Park Productions Director: Toby Tremlett Producer: Natalia Gorbenko 2 in stock! 76 Comments
  • 7 September 2009
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