Muzzle pie in the Brazilian advertising Twix

Brilliant Brazilian Agency AlmapBBDO launched roller bar Twix. All about the same pause. Chocolate bar Twix around the world for decades sticks to the same creative concept. In Russian it sounds like "Coffee Break - eat Twix». But if Russia's recent pause with Twix are made during business hours and for sabotage, and in the UK during the holidays and for magic, in Brazil, has its own unique "advertising face", pause with Twix comes in the most unexpected moment, and if for the sake of love, but in actual fact for our laughter with you.

Directed by Brian Buckley of shtatovskih Productions Hungry Man shot story about a man with a strangely crooked face, whose name can be translated as "a person pie." Even people with such a person is not alien to love and romance - the plot is reduced to spot romantic date with a beautiful girl, and suddenly the final explanation of the reasons for this unusual morphology of the face.

Download video clip or view a list of the creative team.

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  • 18 December 2009
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