Anecdote for linguists

Russian, French and Chinese linguists decided to write the names of each other, each in his own language.

- My name is Ge, - said the Frenchman Chinaman.
- In Chinese, two characters Ge, but unfortunately, none of them are suitable for families,.
- Why?
- Because one has a value of "wheel", and the other transmits the sound, which is bursting bladder ass.
- What's wrong with the wheel?
- Men's name can not be round. For the name of your character, we will take Sheng, which means "keyboard", "root", "Home" and the adjective "snow-free" and complete it Ngu hieroglyph denoting the masculine gender. At the end I write the character of Mo - "virgin».
- But this, to put it mildly, not quite ...
- No one will think you're a virgin, without a kanji characters Chez Mo-Ngu mean "my mother to shave mustaches».

- Okay, now I'll write your name.
- My name is Guo.
- Well, I'll start with the letter your name G.
- What does the letter G?
- We, the Europeans, the letters themselves do not mean anything, but to show respect to you, I shall put before the G letter H - in French, she still can not read.
- Excellent! Next O?
- No, to show that G - pronounced like T and not as x, it is necessary after G put the letter U, and H - to show that U can not be read by itself, but only shows how to read G, and letter EY, showing that the word is not long and soon end.
- Hguhey ... more O?
- No, about the French is pronounced as A or E, depending on the standing adjacent letters, accents and the time of year. About Your net written as AUGHT, but the word can not end on the T, so I'll add unreadable ending NGER. Voila!

Russian linguist put the glass on the table, took a piece of paper and wrote "Go" and "Ge».
- Yet?
- Yes.

French and Chinese scratched his head.
- Well, what's your last name?
- Cross-Schekochikhin.
- And let's just have a drink? - The first found a Chinese man.

Russian and a Frenchman nodded in relief raised a toast to the sizzling diphthongs.

Author: Artem Golikov em>



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