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Life is much more interesting than any vymysla.Strannye and wonderful things happen to each of us every day, and sometimes it is simply impossible to be silent. There exists therefore even a special project that helps people to anonymously share their revelations.

Stories there are different: joyful and sad, good and evil. But Website inspired by the stories that make their lives happier and merrier authors. Such testimony we collected all year, and now recall the brightest ones.

The failure of the
I decided to surprise her husband. While he showered, dressed up pants with a tail on her head - cat ears and tempting to bed, took a pose playful cat ... I woke up because the naked playful cat wrapped up in a blanket, scratched his ear and said, "Go to sleep, blohastik." One night I heard something fell in the hallway. It turned out that it was a book. She fell off the shelf and opened to the page with the headline "How to Lose Weight." Such hints I have never received. This year, the schools have introduced mandatory uniforms: girls - black dress with an apron. Well, my parents were resting on the sea, when we arrived - all dresses in spetsmagazine dismantled. And now I go to school uniforms from a sex shop. I live on the first floor. In the summer because of the heat the windows are always open. And you know what? I was terribly enrages waking up with strange cats in the bed. yesterday to me at the subway went bomzhiha with an accordion, pocketed five rubles, and left with the words: "You are more needed than me ..." It seems that a fine line between hipster and homeless become very blurred. Went to the train, a man on a nearby shelf snored terribly, did not give sleep. So he vybesil me, so I kicked him. It seems to shut up. After a while he began again - kicked him again, harder this time. Snoring. He opened his eyes - he is looking at me. And then I realize that snoring grandmother on the shelf below. I came out of the subway. I see - Grandma carries the rope sled. Back of a sled holding girl 5-6 years. I think that is why proper wee walk is at operating a truck? I look down on the sled, and there sits a cat. Fluffy, important, wrapped in a blanket on the cat walk. This company has made my day! We have a porch, in a closet concierge, already 10 years lives Tajik Shukhrat, in common Sasha. Dvornichaet, washing floors and elevators is grandmothers food from the store, putting money on mobile phone on request. The entire staircase is nishtyaki him all sorts - from food and clothing for his children to the camera down and bicycles. Actually, the last 2 artifact gave my father. So after the next summer trip Shukhrat dad brought home a dagger handmade - funny, cheap, patent leather sheath. And on the blade inscription "Let the memory of 2014". In life, never seen his father so smile. I live in the dorm. I watched a picture. Near the entrance is a homeless cat. From the hostel guy out. It is seen that late. Seeing the cat, he stops and looks at him a couple of seconds after the words "bastard! I'm already late! "I run back to the dorm. A minute later, out of breath, makes the cat bones. We are always in the subway guitarists, Grandma or just drunks with cups. But amidst all this mass, there is one very special grandfather - he plays the accordion wonderful music and when you approach him toss a coin, always hands you a piece of candy "Dream" and says: "When will it eat, you make a wish». Has sent an SMS to her husband: "Buy the tomatoes." Then polvechera worried that did not specify what to buy: fresh or pickled. I should not worry: brought apples. Said, "I remember you some vegetables requested». One day my parents there was a debate about how to grow garlic father claimed that the bush, and my mother said that in the ground. Now the father has a diamond ring my mother. In case of loss mom dad would get a liter of cola. Today, I stand at the entrance, waiting for the elevator, when he comes into the entrance of a guy 15 years with heavy bags and asked to wait for him. Well, I go to the cabin, waiting. At this point, a woman of about forty runs, pushes a button and the doors are closed ... And then the whole staircase: "Well, Mom!» to go live in another city six months ago. Mom sent a parcel with winter clothes and boots hidden in chocolate. When I found I cried for half an hour. I miss terribly. Appreciate your parents, for them we are all the same kids. When I got home, I found out that his brother ate all the mandarins and I did not leave. I wanted to fight. Then he suddenly remembered that two years ago he was in hematology, and I cried at night and was ready to give everything, as long as he recovered ... Well, to hell with them, with these mandarins ... It was only in the twentieth year of life, I realized that the song "33 cows" sung on the Russian alphabet, not the cows at all ... I'm going down the street today, think about that my life is boring and monotonous. Suddenly a sharp blow to the head ... It turns out that I dropped the cat! When I was little, all the guys in the courtyard of the summer playing with water pistols. And I was not. So I took my mother's iron and splashed out of it. But I feared. translator, fluent in English, live in the States. But until now, when I write the word «language», in the mind blurts «language». Mom works in the administration of the city, bringing home unwanted cat toilet paper. Thus, Murzik crap all government programs and the entire Council of Deputies. So here. When the grandparents quarreled, they went to sleep in different rooms. Then one of them knocked on the battery something like "tap, tap, tap, tap, tap," which stands for "I love you." Grandpa is long gone, and my grandmother sometimes still knocking on the battery. From the moment a newborn daughter began to utter the first sounds I secretly from his wife taught her to pronounce the word "mother" to the word was the first thing she says. And then the other day, came home earlier than usual, and I have no one heard. I went into the room with his wife and child, and his wife a secret from my daughter learns to pronounce the word "dad» ... When I was diagnosed with cancer, our cat asleep on me constantly. Then she got sick, she, too, turned out to be cancer. Now she is dead, and I recovered. I cry and I thank her for everything because I have a husband and two children ... At my husband's birthday on the same day. Daughter ... KK combo! In general, the Internet lies. And all of these positions - not true. There are flat, and the car, and this fucking iPhone. Swim in the warm waters of the ocean and wandered through the streets of Europe and truly happy was far away in his childhood, when the old "pupils" was flying on a country road to the river. I work as a taxi driver and now a dream come true of a lifetime : a man ran up, got into the car and said, "I'll pay any money! Follow that car! "How happy I am! Two years ago fired up the dream of becoming steep, the soul of the company, to lead all of you - and other pleasures of life. And he began to walk on the psychological training. So, in our group was a girl with big breasts. Other girls were thrown at her enviously-hating views, and the men looked to her only in the "eyes". In general, at the end of one of the training sessions, which took place on the banks of the river, our coach told me to throw it in the river for the one thing that we have to say goodbye, and to put into it some its poor quality. And then this Busty girl takes off a T-shirt bra with a huge push-apom and throws it far away, shouting "Enough LIE !!!". Everyone applauded. Went to the bus: two hard workers went at the age, apparently, from the factory, and sat back. Throughout the road did not say a word to each other, and only leaving one said goodbye with the words "Oh, do not be sad, Valera, See you tomorrow!" On the second replied, "I wish I'd have not seen you! 'Friends - they are friends. In the childhood wonder why adults can not solve simple problems, such as live peacefully. When grown, I realized that adults simply do not exist.

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